Transatlantic observations and dressing room bliss

I’m told that the Sevco High Command had two conclaves at the weekend.

The first one on Friday broke up in some disarray.

That is because an immaculately coiffed factotum turned up in order to channel the Churchillian influence of Mr David Cunningham King.

I think it was the view of the assembled chaps that the South African based entrepreneur wants some mechanism whereby his place on the board is taken by a proxy.

However, this cunning plan was shot down by a transatlantic brother who immediately saw the difficulties in such a ruse.

Indeed, the stateside chap pointed out that the Take Over Panel was an issue that could not be avoided for much longer.

His view was that once the enforcement phase was in play then the position of Mr King as chairman of RIFC was untenable.

Although there is barely a mention of it in the radar press, this “cold shoulder” thingy is rather serious.

The stateside chap would not hear anything about further legal avenues on the ruling apropos the RIFC Concert Party.

For the avoidance of doubt, the stateside chap informed the dignified conclave that he had no ambitions to replace Mr King.

The Saturday sits down as after the match and the tenure of Pedro was also discussed.

It will come as no surprise that he is now on the managerial equivalent of death row.

Moreover, results from now until the League Cup semi-final will be crucial for him.

Of course, team selection will be critical.

Having the correct players in their best positions could be the difference in crunch matches.

I think it is fair to say that Mr Moderator was differently happy when the Sevco team sheet was read out on Saturday morning.

He had thought that he would be starting given that he had been taking part in all of the tactical sessions on the battlefields of Auchenhowie.

However, I’m sure that everyone at Sevco in incredibly happy.

From boardroom to dressing room they’re all in a state of Zen-like bliss.

No, seriously…

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