Why cheating must be punished if sport is to survive

This is undoubtedly a defining moment for the national game in Scotland.

In many ways, it is wider than mere association football.

If the establishment prevails, then there can be no pretence anymore that this is a sport.

It will be out there that professional football in Scotland is rigged in the interests of the Ibrox franchise.

I would wager that if the EBT decade had emanated from the board room at Celtic Park, Pittodrie or Tynecastle then there would be a very different narrative within the mainstream media.

However, the cheating was done by Rangers.

That, in an instant, makes it different.

Suddenly the stenographers talk about “healing” and “moving on”.

Many of them speak with one voice on this.

It is almost as if they have been given high-Level instructions on the matter.


I listened with head shaking credulity yesterday as I heard Gordon Smith on Radio Scotland state that the EBT years should not be revisited because they were “exciting”.

Remember, dear reader; this is the chap who was the Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Association.

I’ll just leave that there…

The incumbent, Mr Stewart Regan, wanted the new Rangers dropped into the SPL in 2012.

It was fan power that stopped that crime against sport.

Then the former cricket administrator had a cunning Plan B.

That was to insert the new club into the second tier of the professional game in Scotland; SFL 1.

Thankfully strong decent men spoke out against that in the summer of 2012.

Consequently, Charlie’s basket of assets started life at the bottom.

It was fans of SPL clubs and people of good authority in the Scottish Football League club that prevented the game in Scotland being tainted forever.

Now FIVE judges in the UK Supreme Court have ruled finally and totally on the matter of the Big Tax Case.

For a decade Rangers were scamming the tax man.

In order to do so, they had to indulge in subterfuge.

Documents were concealed, and this led to players being improperly registered with the football authorities.

Consequently, the EBT recipients who were playing for Rangers during those years were akin to a player taking to the field while still serving a suspension.

If the authorities find this out then the result is always overturned.

It is the indemnifying side letters and the implications for player registration that is the real issue here regarding football governance.

If the financial advantage of the EBTs is focussed on then glib and shameless folk can say that those players would have been signed anyway.

I have heard that the shaky proposition that Sir David Murray would have found funds by other means.

It is a fatuous argument, but it probably convinced the average stenographer.

Then again, they want to believe that everything is tickety-boo at Ibrox.

The stenographers will conveniently ignore that Sir David Murray admitted in sworn evidence during the Craig Whyte trial that the EBT scheme allowed Rangers to recruit players that would otherwise have been beyond their financial reach.

However, there is no wriggle room on the side letters.

The EBT players were not properly registered.

What does all of this mean?

Well, if you paid into any SPL match in Scotland during those years then you were cheated.

You were watching a rigged game.

It is just that you didn’t know it, but you do now.

If you paid into a League Cup or Scottish Cup game during those years, then you were cheated.

You were watching a rigged game.

It is just that you didn’t know it, but you do now.

Indeed, if you were supporting a team other than Rangers and were also a taxpayer then you were paying to support the opposition!

Cheating in sport is punished retrospectively.

It can only be thus.

Once the cheat is uncovered then anything that they had “achieved” is declared null and void.

Moreover, the record is amended to show that cheating occurred.

The Scottish Football establishment and the on message “journalists” are saying that there is “no appetite” for title stripping.

If they are correct, then the game in Scotland is dead, and the Herrenvolk at Ibrox will strut their fascist stuff.

That is the outcome that the establishment and their pet stenographers want.

It is now down to the lifeblood of the national game in Scotland, the supporters, to have their say.

Anyone who thinks that the campaign to strip the titles is wrong is in favour of cheats getting away with it.



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