The final verdict on the cheats of Ibrox

The verdict is in, Rangers cheated.

It was like playing Football Manager with the cheat codes on.

After failing to win Ten In A Row, the only thing that Sir Duped could offer to The People was the possibility of European glory.

He would need to spend big to finance his Dutch manager to deliver Champions League success and overpower the city rivals.

However, there was just one problem.

Celtic had a bigger stadium, more season ticket holders and a bloke called Larsson.

Somehow they would have to get an edge over a powerful Celtic side managed by Martin O’Neill.

In professional sport a financial advantage is, ipso facto, a sporting advantage.

This transfer window Celtic will almost certainly spend more on a single player that most clubs in Scotland will spend on their entire acquisitions.

A quick glance at the published accounts of the Scottish champions will show that the player wage bill at Parkhead is greater than anyone else in Scotland could sustain.

No one would seriously contend that because of this the Parkhead club does not enjoy a significant sporting advantage over their domestic opponents.

During the EBT years Rangers (1872) had a major financial advantage over every other team in Scotland.

It achieved that be denying money that was due to their Queen.

The irony of all of this is delicious.

It is well known that the Ibrox club declares a very special affection for the Crown Forces.

Yet, the Quintessentially British football club ™ deprived the Exchequer of much-needed funds during a period when the UK was involved in two land wars.

Britain’s soldiers were dying in Afghanistan and Iraq due to inadequate protective equipment and a shortage of helicopters to take the wounded to field hospitals.

In scamming Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenue the club that loves the armed forces contributed to death by MOD budget cut.

Of course, none of this will register with The People, and they will continue to consume Poppy Porn at Ibrox.

A reasonable person would be ashamed, but that won’t happen at the stadium John Brown played for.

The Herrenvolk hubris of The People demanded that they win by any means necessary and Sir Duped picked up on that.

Today is the end of the denial and the deflection.

Rangers (1872) cheated their way to titles and cups.

It is undeniable that the Ibrox club had an unfair sporting advantage over their rivals.

In athletics, cheating is usually done when the athlete puts banned substances into their body.

In this case, it was financial doping that enhanced the performance of Rangers.

They have admitted that the EBT scheme was used to bring in players that they could not have otherwise have afforded.

That, in plain language, is cheating.

Cheats cannot be allowed to get away with it, and those who were cheated cannot remain silent about it.

Moreover, those tasked with ensuring that the game was straight cannot now escape scrutiny.

They failed in their well-paid roles and cannot now remain in post.

The EBT saga was also a failure for the Fitba Fourth Estate.

In the main, it was a story that was accurately reported by outsiders.

Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News, the Rangers Tax Case blog and, if I may, your own humble correspondent.

My thoughts today are with my late friend Paul McConville.

The big guy would have loved this verdict.

As with most things his take on matters legal was ultimately vindicated.

He was more of a man that the Fascist underclass who gleefully put his image on a “death wall”.

Perhaps it was this sort of behaviour by The People that kept the hacks on message…

When the First Tier Tax Tribunal ruled partially in favour of Rangers, the stenographers called out in ecstasy.

They told their dwindling readership that “Rangers proved innocent!”

Of course, it was pish, but the hacks don’t do nuance or detail.

The fact was that the Murray Group (representing Rangers) had accepted liability in the case of FIVE players who had been receiving EBTs.

It was a majority verdict, but the dissenting opinion of Dr Heidi Poon laid it all out there.

Her two colleagues were not as detailed in their written judgements.

Ultimately her view prevailed.

I’ve been on this story since 2010.

I had the scoop on the arithmetic of the Big Tax Case.

Once the numbers were out there the size of the contingent liability made Rangers toxic to any potential new owner.

Despite the protestations of The People I only ever told the truth about the Big Tax Case.

Those infected with Unsurpassed Dignity tried to silence me.

It is their Pavlovian reaction to any message that they don’t like.

They attack the messenger in the most ad hominem of ways.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m still here.

So today I will allow myself a little smile, and also dear reader give yourself a pat on the back.

Without your continuous support, this Samizdat outlet would not have endured through the years.


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