Devilish details and breathless credulity

It should come as no surprise that the announcement of the putative new deal between Sevco and Sports Direct has been accepted at face value by the local media.

At the time of writing, I haven’t seen a corroborating response from Sports Direct.

Of course, we must take Mr David Cunningham King at his word.

Especially, given his excellent reputation for veracity in business matters.

However, forgive me if I have difficulty in believing that Mr Ashley was overcome with altruism apropos the retail deal with Sevco.

Of course, The People, with their lynch mob mentality like to think in the currency of aggression and fear.

For them the explanation is simple; Ashley capitulated to their champion in South Africa.

Apparently, the dignified world view of The People doesn’t allow for complexity or nuance.

For example, they clearly don’t understand what happens when a football club is liquidated.

In looking at this new arrangement rationally, the key question must be:

Cui bono?

Today we are being asked to believe that General Ashley simply walked away from a deal that guaranteed him millions in profits for the next seven years.

What did he get in return for this generosity?

Colour me cynical, but I prefer to know those devilishly fine details before making a judgment.

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