Unheeded concerns

Yesterday one of the Sevco High Command uttered some words of concern about the flurry of transfer activity at the Engine Room Subsidiary.

He wanted to know who was going to pay for all of these new players.

Given that he is the person who has been writing most of the cheques to keep the lights on then I think he should be listened to.

Of course, The People have no such concerns.

Perhaps they should because it is they who will be footing the bill through their season ticket monies!

For the avoidance of doubt, even a record-breaking season ticket sale at Ibrox will not cover Sevco’s cost base in the year ahead.

Now, The People do not like to hear such information.

They prefer Quintessentially British fantasies to hard facts from a Fenian.

I think it is fair to say that I have, since around early 2009, established a track record of flagging up possible financial problems at Ibrox.

Of course, those warnings were always ignored by The People.

Indeed, it seemed far more important for them to silence the messenger than to analyse the message.

I suppose that a toxic admixture of bigotry, credulity and deference made that a racing certainty.

Then events would unfold that rather vindicated my initial observations.

What then that occurred The People would either ignore what had happened (e.g. liquidation of Rangers FC).

Alternatively, they would acknowledge that something had indeed happened, but that their beloved brand has been the victim of a Machiavellian conspiracy.

As ever, the truth is almost always much more prosaic.

When these entirely foreseeable events unfold then others have been known to indulge in some undignified sniggering.


What the member of the Sevco High Command said yesterday was that it was vital that players were shipped out of the door before the transfer window closed.

That person is a very successful businessman based in the West of Scotland.

Consequently, he can recognise an impending financial shit storm when he sees one.

It is almost as if the person authorising these transfers lived in another country and was all out of fucks to give.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that this offshore chap might be a convicted criminal with a reputation for mendacity in business matters.

Now that would be a cause for concern to any reasonable person.

Of course, The People are not troubled in the slightest.

A new club, but the same Herrenvolk hubris.

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