Sevco roulette

It is one thing telling The People that you’re the mighty Rainjurrz.

However, it is quite another thing to take that mindset into business negotiations.

I understand that the recent conclave between the Sevco High Command and the folks at 32 Red didn’t go entirely to plan.

Of course, it is important in any negotiation to be prepared To Do Walking Away.

However, coming back some weeks later with your Quintessentially British tail between your legs isn’t’, well, dignified.

If 32 Red renew their arrangement with the basket of assets, then I understand that it will be for the current amount.

Their current stance is that they’ll think about it and get back to the Holding Company Vehicle.

Apparently, the Sevco High Command thought that they could push for a much bigger deal from their shirt sponsor.

It was pointed out to the chaps in the Blue Room by 32 Red that they haven’t really hadn’t had that much for their money.

Shirt sponsors achieve a marketing advantage over their competitors by being on thousands of replica kits.

However, if that merchandise is being effectively boycotted by the fans, then the main loser is the brand on the top.

They are essentially paying for something that they’re not getting.

My information is that what Sevco currently receive from 32 Red is roughly equivalent to what Magners pay Celtic to be on the back of the shirt!

For the avoidance of doubt, the Irish firm will give Celtic more for the same space next year.

Moreover, the people at Dafabet are delighted with the great exposure that they have achieved by their relationship with a domestically invincible Celtic.

Whereas the Sevco merchandising situation is at an angry impasse with a determined General Ashley the contrast with Celtic is cruel.

I am told that New Balance has been “stunned” by the volume of pre-orders for the new 50th-anniversary shirt.

Both on and off the field, Sevco can’t get close to Celtic.

And yet the stenographers still believe in a thing called the “Old Firm”.

Oh dear…

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