Mr King and the importance of being invincible

It would appear that Mr David Cunningham King has finally realised that this Takeover Panel thingy IS rather serious.

I understand that he really wouldn’t mind now if the Ibrox clientele decided to purchase his shares.

However, there are a few problems before those lovely folk at Club 1872 can make a Quintessentially British move on that.

Firstly, it is understood that there is not enough money in the coffers of that organisation to make, say, a 20p per share offer, to Mr King.

Secondly, the recent unfortunate resignations  from the board of Club 1872 might provide some governance issues apropos taking important decisions.

Thirdly, I am told that the subscriptions are down recently.

This is all very sad.

Moreover, I am told that another issue that’s currently perplexing the South African based entrepreneur is the recent statement from the Holding Company vehicle.

That communique purported to come from him.

If someone intrepid stenographer wants to visit him in his wine cellar then they might want to ask him about that.

It must now seem a very long time since Mr King thought he was invincible.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, he isn’t.

You need to be really good to be invincible.


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