Trying to run Sevco without Dave

I understand that the Friday meeting of the Sevco High Command was rather tense.

They still haven’t had any word from their esteemed chairman who is ensconced south of the Limpopo.

Moreover, the two King loyalists on the board were physically absent from the conclave and I’m told that they didn’t dial in.

The absence of Mr King puts the chaps in the Blue Room in a difficult position.

Without him, they have no business plan.

With him, the Ibrox brand becomes even more toxic than it is at the moment.

One of the Sevco High Command, who had dialled into the meeting, stated to the others that he didn’t have wealth to be constantly bailing out the Holding Company vehicle.

At this stage, the Sevco High Command are reduced to speculating on King’s next move.

One possible scenario that was discussed on Friday was the possibility that the chairman might offer his shares to the fans.

If that were to happen, it could occur when Mr King attends the dignified conclave of Sevco supporters in North America.

I’m told that the Serious Professional had lunch with a magnificently maned factotum last week.

The reason for the sit down was to try and discern what King’s next move might be.

Sadly, the immaculately coiffed chap had to disclose that he was now well out of that dignified loop.

Consequently, he couldn’t be of any help to the Serious Professional.

On Friday the Sevco High Command also discussed the possibility of another attempt at a ‘Resolution 11’ type move at the next AGM of RIFC.

However, the consensus was that they might not get enough votes to pass as it failed the last time.

One of the issues is that Dave likes things to be his idea.

However, if he doesn’t get in touch then that does rather prevent any new strategies emerging from the Blue Room.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think that this was a rudderless ship heading for the rocks.

However, I have read the output of award-winning stenographers, and therefore I am assured that everything at Ibrox is ticketyboo.

After all, those guys have access to high-Level information that I don’t.

These shadowy sources are ones that tell the sports desk chaps about mystery billionaires.

What I can tell you is that Sevco is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

If you hold onto that fact, then you can clearly see why that meeting on Friday was so tense.

Now I’m off down the Word Mines till the middle of the week.

There is the small matter of a manuscript (now 133,000 words long) that needs my focused attention.

Madam Editor in West Cork is becoming very demanding and proper order too…

In the meantime, dear reader beware of breathless off the radar exclusives that reveal a bright new future at Ibrox.

When I get back to this sad story, Sevco will still be up Excrement Creek without any viable means of propulsion.

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