The Johannesburg pimpernel and other scéal

I’m told that the news that Mr David Cunningham King was in town was met with shock in the Blue Room.

The fact that he was in Glasgow and met with Mr Stewart Regan came as a huge surprise to the Sevco High Command.

I’m sure the South African based entrepreneur and Mr Regan had a very convivial chat about the Ibrox outfit being in such rude financial health.

Sadly, the King loyalists on the board took it very personally that their man was in Fair Caledonia and hadn’t even told them.

The only Glasgow-bassed person who was in the loop about King’s visit was an inter-galactic PR guru.

The Sevco High Command are now very aware of the consequences if any reputational damage happens to a member of the Ibrox Three.

One of the previous management team had a very strongly worded missive hand delivered to the Holding Company Vehicle yesterday.

Therefore that could potentially be ANOTHER legal issue for the Sevco High Command.

Of course, I’m sure that no one in the Blue Room would dream of smearing any of those Quintessentially British chaps.

However, it might well be one to watch…

An interesting scenario was suggested to me today by Rugger Guy:

“I would think that if Mr King remains on the RIFC board then they might well experience difficulties with the company that handles their credit card transactions.  As well as that even their bank might decide that they do not want to remain in a  relationship with the company.”

Obviously, I merely offer his observation on these matters without comment.

He knows about that stuff.

I certainly don’t.

In other news, the Sevco High Command have told their new manager that he will receive the same level of financial support that the previous management team enjoyed.

Pray for Pedro…





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