Dirty, awful, Scary. The Ibrox experience.

I’m told that this video was played on the big screens at half time during the demolition derby on Saturday.

I think that these children have nailed it more powerfully than any of the running repairs to the stands at Ibrox.

Of course, those terms (Dirty, awful, Scary.) would also be apposite to describe the world view of The People.

At the recent sit down at Shirebrook General Ashley’s chap pointed out to the Sevco emissary that the ongoing proceedings in the High Court in Glasgow were not doing the Ibrox brand any good at all.

However, that is nothing compared to what The People can achieve all by themselves.

This season they have come up with a new song about hating Catholics.

There isn’t anything implied or nuanced about this.

They simply sing “we hate Catholics”.

I recall David Edgar, then of the Rangers Trust, arguing with Graham Spiers on the radio about the use of the word “Fenian” in the song “The Billy Boys”.

That ditty is about an eponymous Glasgow street gang led by Billy Fullerton who was a self-identifying Fascist and member of the Ku Klux Klan.

This, dear reader, is who The People laud in song in 2017.

Dirty, awful, Scary.


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