Proof and pain

The fallout from the demolition derby continues within the dignified corner of social media.

Quite simply The People are in shock.

Some of them couldn’t believe the evidence of their eyes.

The last couple of days has been about them coming to terms with the unavoidable post-match conclusion.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, Sevco really are quite shite

In fairness, they have proved in the past that they’re rather good at ignoring unpleasant truths.

However, the 5-1 drubbing on their home turf was an ominous harbinger of what will happen next season.

This makes the annual season ticket pitch a rather hard sell now.

The Ibrox clientele wants to know where Mr King is and what he planned to do about the current malaise.

As of yesterday the rebel faction on the Sevco High Command had not heard from him since before the match against Celtic.

Of course, two years ago we were told that the “Rangers men had won”.


The new regime had swept to power in the Off Licence Putsch in March 2015.

In doing so, The People put a convicted criminal in charge and alienated a real billionaire.

They turned a powerful ally into a vengeful enemy.

Smart, real smart.

Now, perhaps The People are starting to come to terms with the historical significance of the events of 2012.

The proceedings in the High Court in Glasgow today should eb a reminder of those days.

Regular readers here will know that your humble correspondent was often a lone voice in those days before Rangers (1872) suffered a fatal insolvency event.

Indeed, I cannot recall any other named journalist who stated in 2011 that Craig Whyte in the Blue Room meant the end for the Ibrox club.

Now, the mainstream media in Glasgow are still in liquidation denial, and they’re thirled to the concept of the “Old Firm”.

The reality is that a five-year-old basket of assets case is acting out a fantasy that they really are Rangers (1872).

They’re pretending to themselves and their customers that they are the original Ibrox club.

Moreover, this fantasy includes the belief that they are genuine rivals to Celtic.

This five-year exercise in mass delusion hit reality on Saturday when Mikel Lustig danced through the Sevco defence to make it 5-1.

I would wager that very few among The People believe that their beloved Engine Room Subsidiary has any chance of the title next season.

Pedro will be given a relative pittance to build a squad.

Brendan Rodgers will be funded to improve Celtic as a Champions League side.

Sevco commences their inaugural European adventure on June 29th.

This means that they will be playing with the same squad that Brendan’s Bhoys utterly Rodgered at Ibrox on Saturday.

Of course, The People still have their priorities in perspective.

They sing about “hating Catholics” so everything is ok in their culturally impoverished world.

Meanwhile, the world moves on and so does Celtic.

Expect the stenographers to start running with a lot of high-Level speculation about Poor Pedro unearthing Portuguese starlets for Sevco.

There is only one problem with that fantasy.

If the Holding Company Vehicle can fund a massive rebuilding project in the summer then why are they paying Kenny Miller’s modest signing on fee by instalments?

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