Someone made a frantic call to Shirebrook today

Things must be desperate at the Holding Company Vehicle.

The same Sevco emissary who travelled south last week today contacted Shirebrook.

He was hoping to get some clarity on the questions he had been asked last week by Big Mike’s guy.

However, given it was a bank holiday there was only skeleton staff there.

In fairness, they did take a message.

For the avoidance of doubt, Big Mike is not interested in bailing them out.

He wants to protect his retail deal, and he will do the bare minimum for that.

General Ashely WOULD like to see Mr David Cunningham King’s head on the proverbial plate.

When he comes back to work on Wednesday, he has important business to attend.

However, it doesn’t involve Sevco.

Time is on his side.

I reckon Big Mike is smiling today.

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