Bogland and big data

Although I grew up in Scotland loving the Fitba there as another code in my DNA.

The Gah.

My late father was one of that rare breed, a Mayo hurler.

The Mayo modern experience is inextricably linked with the fortunes of the county football team.

There is no symbol that says Contae Mhaigh Eo quite like that jersey.

I don’t know who came up with the idea, but Mayo Day is mighty as far as this fella is concerned.

Last year I found myself on a high spot in Sligo to wear the green and red.

This weekend I will climb to some appropriate spot in  Cloch Cheann Fhaola on the appointed day.

We Mayo folk are all over the planet making our mark.

In times past we were expelled from the home place by eviction and famine.

We gave the world a name for passive resistance.

The Boycott.

When that didn’t work we were forced to face down an empire and their war criminals.

Now, in better times it is mainly ambition and curiosity that creates Mayo exiles, although the county still has huge untapped potential to create opportunities for our young people.

Third wave technologies mean that being perched on the edge of Europe is no longer and economic disadvantage.

Whatever the personal story the county connection is strong and it binds us.

If you’re a Twitter person then @MayoDotIE has a brilliant short video telling the world about the place.

Give them a follow.

Now I’m off down the word mines until Monday.

There’s a manuscript that has to be sent to Madam Editor and she’s not keen on being kept waiting.

Have a great weekend when it comes.






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