Taking out a contract on the opposition

Let’s cut to the chase.

This is about Ten-In-A-Row, and today Celtic sent a message.

The best manager at Parkhead since Jock Stein wants to write his own part of the club’s unbroken history.

Celtic will strengthen the playing squad in the summer, and there are a few aspirant Kieran Tierney types in the young squad who want to break through.

There has been a cacophony in recent months from the sports desks of pishfull thinking regarding Brendan.

The basic narrative has been:

Yes, Brendan Rodgers has done remarkably well.  He’s recruited well and transformed players who looked like they were heading out of the door at Celtic.

However, he will soon tire of winning a one-horse race, and he will be lured south to the riches and excitement of the EPL.

Sorry lads, but that fairy story will have to be shelved for a while now.


Got that?

As he has stated on many occasions and most recently in the aftermath of the match at Tynecastle; he’s a Celtic supporter. He was reared in the Hoops in his native County Antrim.

As these words blink to life on the other side Cúige Uladh, I believe that Brendan Rodgers and Celtic are a perfect fit.

Moreover, I sense that Ten-In-A-Row just got that little bit closer.

For the chaps on the sports desks they should realise this:

After the Cup semi-final last season Don Desmond got angry.

He is a serious man and should have been treated with respect.

Now they’re the hunted ones.

They missed their chance.

This isn’t business; it’s strictly personal.

Take the cannoli…

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