General Ashley takes another step towards victory

This is not good news for the Sevco High Command.

The case will now go all the way.

It might be worth recalling that there was a lot of breathless stenography about doors being kicked in at Shirebrook etc.

For the avoidance of doubt, General Ashley had an entirely rational campaign plan since the reverses of March 2015.

The idea that he would accept defeat and Do Walking Away was risible.

Like all successful commanders, he knows that time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted.

Consequently, he asked his staff to bring him the information he needed to formulate a plan.

After all, a bad plan is better than no plan and his one was all about the numbers.

Ashley was subsequently provided with actionable intelligence on the net worth of the main players in the Off Licence Putsch.

His strategy he then formulated was one of attrition.

Quite simply everything he has implemented since then has been to bleed Sevco of money.

This court case is part of that overall plan.

He knows that Sevco is a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

Their failure to secure external finance means that they can only limp on with director loans.

Overall, anything that negatively impacts of the Sevco High Command is good news for Ashley.

That is why Big Mike is no disinterested observer on events at Celtic either.

My Shirebrook guy says that General Ashley was incensed at the incompetence of Ronny Deila’s men at the Scottish Cup semi-final in April of last year.

Big Mike had expected that Celtic would batter Sevco with a bit to spare.

However, another appearance at Hampden with the possibility of European revenue for the Holding Company Vehicle was not what General Ashley wanted.

That was then, and now all is changed, changed utterly.

I would think that he has two reasons to be smiling today.

Brendan Rodgers in Glasgow until 2021 does not bode well for Sevco.

Of course, the other bit of good news for General Ashley tonight is that he is a step closer to hitting Sevco with a bill for £5m.

Have a great weekend.

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