Sevco family dysfunction

I hear that there was a free and fair exchange of views in the tunnel at Tynecastle last night.

For the avoidance of doubt, there was no Maroon component in the immediate post-match discussion.

It was entirely within the Sevco family.

My information is that immediately after the battering at Tynecastle that the Admirable Warburton resembled the legendary leader of Neasden FC.

Like Ron Knee he was tight-lipped and ashen faced.

Then there was an unscheduled conclave at Ibrox last night.

I think it is fair to say that the specific details of the Admirable Warburton’s contract were perused and parsed.

My understanding is that if his dignified employment is terminated, then he is due a lump sum equivalent of his annual salary.

Quite simply the Holding Company Vehicle do not have access to that money at the moment.

Of course, Mr David Cunningham King could always decide to over-invest.

Whatever it takes and all that…

The Admirable Warburton has key performance indicators for this season; achieve second place and win one of the cups.

Well at time of writing he is maintaining that position in the SPFL, and the Engine Room Subsidiary is still in the Scottish Cup.

Therefore, it is difficult to see what reason the High Command would have to sack him.

Even if they want to do that today, then the chaps in the Blue Room would have to find a substantial six-figure sum.

So unless the ex-City Trader shows the Dunkirk Spirit then expect him to remain in the Sevco dug out.


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