Brexit, Hillary and Joey

We live in strange times.

Will the United Kingdom really leave the European Union?

Will the good folk of the USA elect a misogynist racist  cartoon character to the most powerful political office on the planet?

Will Joey Barton ever play for the Sevco first team again?

The Breaking news that the High Court in London has ruled that the British Government will require a vote in Parliament before triggering Article 50 put a huge doubt over the first question.

Early reports today state that Theresa May’s administration will appeal the ruling  to the UK Supreme Court next month.

Here in Ireland we’re looking over the hedge into the UK and wondering what they will do next.

Of course, we are helpless onlookers in much the same way as the entire global village is impotent as the American people make their choice next week.

At time of writing, the national polls in the USA seem too close to call.

Secretary Clinton is an appalling collage of character defects, but she isn’t Trump.

That’s the only thing I can say in Hillary’s favour.

For a country of over 300 million people it is an appalling choice.

It really is.

Yesterday a short dignified and Churchillian statement from the Holding Company Vehicle told Planet Fitba that Monsieur Barton would return to training.

It is reported that he will train with the Under-20 squad.

This surprised me in that I wasn’t sure if Sevco actually had such an arrangement.

In much the same way as the world looks on in horrified fascination at the American political process, then so does Planet Fitba gaze at the car crash that is Sevco.

What can be stated with some certitude is that the two top earners at the Engine Room Subsidiary will play no further part this season.

The injury to Niko Kranjčar is just shocking bad luck.

That said, late last season the Admirable Warburton had told the chaps in the Blue Room that the Engine Room Subsidiary had been very lucky with injuries.

Not so this season.

Meanwhile Celtic will bring in more money from the Champions League campaign this season than Sevco turned over en toto in the last financial year.

The Admirable Warburton stated yesterday that he would “look into” the loan market.

Well, the best of British with that one!

The experience of players on loan at the Holding Company Vehicle last season might not be the best endorsement of the set up at the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Clubs in the England share information and benefiting the loan market might prove to be a more difficult task this time around.

In other news Lee Wallace this morning had a world class breakfast at a place that was once called Murray Park.

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