Exclusive! Journalist involved journalism shock!

I am told that there were several unhappy chappies in the Blue Room today.

Apparently, they were indignant that your humble correspondent had the temerity to take the RIFC annual accounts to a…gasp…accountant!

One immaculately coiffed chap initially thought that I might not have engaged the pro bono services of a qualified numbers guy.

However, this theory was poo-poohed by another director.

The grounded chap in question has legendary status within the Blue Room for his eclectic taste in folk melodies.

This student of music put his marvellously groomed colleague right on the matter.

He affirmed that I had in fact brought in an expert to analyse the RIFC accounts.

It was clear to him and, he contended, it should have been clear to anyone who claimed to have a professional grounding in accountancy.


Apparently, Rugger Guy’s analysis of the cash flow history of the Four-Year-Old institution was considered to be very unfair.

For the avoidance of doubt, they didn’t find anything amiss with the reasoning in the piece.

Rather, they were just angry that I was using this platform to bring attention to the fact that the Holding Company Vehicle has haemorrhaged cash since Charles of Normandy created it in 2012.

Now, as those accounts show, money is tight on board HMS Sevco.

Consequently, their spending on the PR big guns can only go to a certain Level these days.

There was an intergalactic communications professional on site today.

For the avoidance of doubt, he pointed out to the Sevco High Command that not everyone in the journalism trade is as reliably obedient as Corporal Radar and Private Pike.

Being a journalist is about serving the public interest and not being a stenographer for powerful vested interests.

Sadly, that appears to have been forgotten in the mainstream when it comes to matters apropos Ibrox.

Lest we forget…

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