The wage of unreason

In my last offering, I pointed out that the Sevco High Command had sought some professional PR advice to deal with your humble correspondent.

Well, it would appear that Monsieur Joey has also sought the services of a spinmeister.

I am told that the Scouse Francophone has engaged a top PR outfit in London.

Indeed,  the placement of the Qatar fitness Boot Camp story can be traced back to this agency.

As I had written previously, it was probably the fervent hope among the High Command that during his three-week suspension Barton would implode publicly.

Such an own goal would have assisted the chaps in the Blue Room with finally dealing with their errant midfielder.

However, the Scouse Sartre has been très calme in the interregnum.

On Monday, like Scipio returning from the Third Punic War, he will present himself at Murray Park.

The Engine Room Subsidiary’s highest earner will be back at the place where he told the Admirable Warburton what he thought of him.

It might be an uncomfortable reunion, but no doubt the ex-Burnley star will brush it off with a Gallic shrug.

When Barton was being lined up for employment at Sevco, there was at least one voice of reason who said his salary was unaffordable.

Next Friday if Sevco wins in Inverness then Joey will almost certainly be entitled to a win bonus regardless of whether or not he is playing.

I am told this is normal for professional footballers these days and it would be a fairly standard part of a player’s contract.

If the player is fit and available for selection, then they will get a win bonus if the team is victorious.

Meanwhile, unpaid suppliers patiently wait in line for what they are owed.

Some of them have been waiting quite a while now.

In fact longer than was originally agreed.

Actually, I find it utterly absurd that Monsieur Joey’s weekly wage could prove to be an existential threat to the Holding Company Vehicle.

Meanwhile, you can vote for moi at the Football Blogging Awards in the ‘Best International’ category.

Merci beaucoup.

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