Asking for a friend

I’m concerned about a chap that I know quite a lot about.

A while back he landed that he probably thought was his dream job.

Chief Executive at a mid-size company, but one which had a high profile.

The business had been in the news for all sorts of unsavoury reasons, but he thought he could make a decent fist of it.

The new board of directors really impressed him, and he believed that they were serious with their stated ambitious plans.

I’m pretty sure that he was convinced that were truthful when they said that they needed my mate as their new broom.

Then I think that it started to go wrong.

Like all good CEOs, he has been trying to keep a tight rein on costs.

However, there seems to be a growing number of folk living off the corporate hospitality tab.

This is despite the business making substantial trading losses, and they can’t even get a credit line from a bank.

Things got so bad that he had a stand-up row with one of the directors a while back.

Apparently, he said to this schmuck that he would sue them for breach of contract.

However, my buddy knows that they don’t have the cash to pay him!

A few months ago he tried to stop some of these hangers on types from availing themselves of the company’s largesse.

They had turned up on the premises with the plan to enjoy a free bar.

With the bills piling up from suppliers he put his foot down.

However, the director guy called the bar and told the staff to serve these chaps without demanding payment from them.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m pretty sure that he feels totally undermined by this.

There appears to have been various business deals being hatched, and he hasn’t been in the loop about them.

Now I think he believes that he is being set up take a fall.

He’s convinced that because he isn’t the patsy that board room guys thought he would be that they might now want to ditch him.

Of course, he might be wrong on that, but that’s his feeling at the moment.

Now I know that he has got enough dirt on these guys to bring down the whole circus.

However, he’s a decent sort and is in a bit if a quandary about it all.

You see, he lacks that ruthless streak.

Then again, everyone has their limit.

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