Exclusive: Scottish government working on strict liability for Scottish clubs.

The Scottish government is currently having high-level discussions about how to bring in Strict Liability to the national game.

Holyrood insiders have told me today that the non-decision debacle over the cup final has only further fuelled these deliberations.

Privately the SNP government concede that the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 is a badly constructed piece of legislation.

However, they do not wish to admit their error in rushing through this unworkable draconian act.

Moreover, their own  view is that among the non-football supporting public it is a popular piece of legislation.

The Scottish government thinks that the  person in the street sees the controversial law as a necessary step to tackle football thugs and bigots.

Now, the SNP administration is working on the modalities of putting Strict Liability onto a statutory footing in Scotland.

This could be done by linking it to the licensing of football grounds.

I understand that those close to Michael Matheson, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, are working on this right now.

Moreover, the decision by the SFA disciplinary panel to take no sanction on Hibernian and Sevco has only propelled them to get a result on this matter.

Of course, by making Strict Liability a matter of statute it would take the issue out of the hands of the football authorities.


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