The Football Blogging Awards and an arboreal absence

All football clubs are work in progress, and this is particularly true of a four year old one.

Poor little Sevco has not had an easy start in life.

Unwanted at birth by the Scottish Premier League and sent out into the cold, cruel football league.

Dear reader, it was all very sad.

In recent years Sevco has been estranged from its founding father.

He’s a man from Yorkshire with unusually large hands and a chateau.


There are indications that his adopted children have now rejected him.


It’s all very sad.

Yesterday a below par Aberdeen side still had too much for poor little Sevco.

The four-year-old club is now 7th in the league, yet they had promised so much before the current campaign had commenced.

Four-year-olds can have such amazing imaginations!

However, in their inaugural season in the top flight, Sevco has hit the ground stumbling.

The league table doesn’t lie, and neither do inconvenient facts like liquidation.

However, The People would prefer to ignore that rather final reality.

Comforting Lies

Yesterday, the home crowd at Pittodrie demonstrated a much firmer grasp of corporate Scots law than the chaps in the press box.

Rangers Coffin

I would not be surprised if Sevco remains mid-table strugglers for the rest of the season.

For their first campaign in the top flight, this is a respectable performance.

However, Sevco’s clientele are burdened by a need to pretend that this is Rangers (1872-2012).

They are victims of a marketing strategy which is mainly based on denial.

Undoubtedly a section of The People will scream at their chairman to ‘splash the cash.’

Of course, a section of them will believe that Mr David Cunningham King will deliver in January.

However, the chances of that happened do not survive even a gentle collision with the available data.

The simple truth is that, through a mixture of bad luck, hubris and misjudgements the Holding Company Vehicle catastrophically increased their wage bill during the summer.

You can read the detail here.

The current financial numbers for Sevco scream ‘CRISIS’, but The People will not be reading about that in the polluted mainstream.

If the home crowd at Ibrox want to delude themselves that all is financially well in the Engine Room Subsidiary, then they should just keep taking the tabloids.

The South African based entrepreneur is blessed in that he is selling his product to a collective of the terminally confused.

He is aided and abetted in this endeavour by the compliance of the local media.

I, as ever, remain a contrarian.

A couple of weeks ago an Ibrox insider steered me in the direction that the chaps in the Blue Room might want the Admirable Warburton to Do Walking Away.

I pointed out to him that all football managers are never far from the Damoclean vote of confidence.

Results driven business and all that.

However, he stated to me that this was not the case in this instance.

I was intrigued.

He reminded me that the ex-City trader is a very smart man.

Moreover, he implied that Warburton’s recent questioning of the bona fides of some of the Sevco Board might have become uncomfortable for some of them.

Then only a few days ago he reminded me of this conversation.

In doing so he told me to watch out for stories in the media that would ramp up the pressure on the Englishman to a new Level.

Clearly the result at Pittodrie yesterday makes such sniping more plausibly deniable.

However, my source is in a position to speak with quiet authority on the matter.

He is certainly convinced that the Admirable Warburton is proving to be too perceptively intelligent for some in the Blue Room.

Developing story…

I plan to be  away from this place of blogging for the rest of the week dear reader

For the avoidance of doubt, I am an incurable nemophilist. and I find this time of year on my island to be particularly deciduous.

Consquently, I find this time of year on my island to be particularly deciduous.

Hiking in a place of peace is a joy, and it is something that I regularly need.

Six years ago today I finished El Camino Santiago, and I still have wonderful memories of the heavily wooded Galician countryside.

My sojourn to the Sligo forests will be shorter, but special in its own way for me.

Therefore, I have to leave you to the crudely expressed regurgitations of Planet Fitba’s award winning stenographers.

I hope you will be well in the interregnum.

By that time I will know if I have garnered enough votes in the Football Blog Awards to make the finals.

Today is the last day of voting.

You can find all of the details on how to vote here.

I am inviting your support in the ‘Best Influencer’ and ‘Best International’ categories.

To all of you have already voted for me:

Míle Buíochas.

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