A very strange type of State Aid

I noticed this little gem on the Glasgow City Council website today.

If I can bring your attention to Paragraph 93 and 94 on page 26 with my emphasis in bold:


Correspondence referred to the auditor by Audit Scotland

  1. One of the roles of the local auditor is to follow up, where appropriate, items of correspondence received from members of the public who express concerns over council activities. One such piece of correspondence related to the sale of land at Westhorn Recreational Ground by the council in April 2009.
  2. Our review considered whether the council met the requirements of Best Value, thus demonstrating value for money and adherence to proper governance procedures. We found that while the recommendation of the Executive Committee and the understanding of the District Valuer was that the final market value would be reached by using the services of the District Valuer, an arbiter or another independent party, the final market value of the land was agreed between property agents acting on behalf of the purchaser and the council’s in-house chartered surveyors. An independent valuation obtained by the council, subsequent to the sale in November 2013, provided assurance that the sale price was best value. The sale price achieved by the council was approximately three times higher than the retrospective valuation of the land.

That would appear to be game ,set and match from Audit Scotland.

The sale of this land to Celtic football Club has developed into something of a cause célèbre within the dignified blogosphere.

The allegations were serious and demanded the salaried time of highly paid staff, taking them way from other duties.

Consequently, I understand that the overall cost to the taxpayer in defending this conspiracy theory is north of £200,000.

Perhaps the State Aid truther chap, typing away furiously in Finaghy, will consider how much money his paranoia has cost His Britannic Majesty.

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