An exploding wage bill for an imploding season

I am told that there was a free and fair exchange of views today on the value of Niko Kranjčar.

It was so frank that the conference call box on the desk morphed into a public address system for the whole office.

Dear reader, it almost sounds undignified.

In fairness, I think that the Croatian has been made a bit of a scapegoat after the four-year-old institution had their inaugural league match with Celtic.

Back in the summer when his name emerged the Admirable Warburton envisaged Kranjčar being partnered by Dominic Ball and Andy Halliday in the midfield.

The skilful Croatian would be the Number Ten bringing guile and vision to the midfield trio.

The inclusion of Mr Barton in the squad was not something that was plucked from a Magic Hat.

Rather it was probably conceived as a headline-grabbing move by their scrupulously honest chairman.

Moreover, Garner and Waghorn were never intended to be on the same wage bill let alone the same team sheet.

The latter was meant to be sold, but that fell through.

Ditto James Henry Tavernier.

The young buccaneering full-back was earmarked for the exit door at Ibrox, but he’s happy to remain with Sevco.

The unfolding situation in Turkey was probably one reason for him staying put in Glasgow.

Consequently, through various misjudgements and bits of bad luck, the Sevco wage bill has exploded.

I ‘m sure that the much maligned Croatian playmaker is making hay on £20k per week for a 48-week contract.

That legally binding agreement is in force for the next two years.

However, there might be a clause or two that can be exploited.

I’m sure that Mr David Cunningham King would be happy if Niko Did Walking Away.

You would be amazed at how quickly Philippe Senderos can get through £16,500.

Believe it or not, it’s only a week, which is about the same time as it will take to him to catch up with Moussa Dembélé.

The important caveat is that Celtic’s young French star will have to be utterly stationary during that seven day period.

Frontman Joe Garner is similarly remunerated as the quicksilver defender.

The former Preston man is, like Senderos, on a 48-week contract.

Ditto Kenny Miller, Martin Waghorn and the ever youthful Clint Hill.

I’m told that Lee Wallace is on a similar deal, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Foderingham, Kiernan and Tavernier are less well placed being ‘only’ on £15k per week.

These lads are on improved deals due to the Barton domino effect.

If Joey can pull down £30k per week, then it was inevitable that Sevco’s Championship winning stars would want a raise.

Let’s not forget about Matt Gilks; he is also on a similar deal to the goalkeeping buddy Wes.

All of this appears to have shades of Craig Whyte’s first moves when Lloyds gave him the keys to Ibrox.

In the early days of season 2011-212, when he was still a billionaire with wealth off the radar, and he gave players like Allan McGregor, Steven Davis, Steven Whittaker long-term contracts.

Those new deals that were characterised by their generous terms.

I recall at the time how The People crowed that they had been delivered from bank imposed penury and that all of my predictions had been dashed.

Apparently, they were in “great shape” in September 2011.

Oh dear…

However, it was unsustainable and readers here at the time were made fully aware of that fact.

It is worth remembering that last season Sevco made a loss with a much lower wage bill than they have now.

They still don’t any major income from the retail side, and they’re in dispute with Puma.

With only one major revenue steam, the season tickets, it is difficult to see how they can square that circle.

Now, if this is all part of the Grand Plan, then it must be exceedingly cunning.

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