Irish surnames and uncomfortable truths

I was not surprised to learn today that this statement was not universally appreciated within the Blue Room.

Calmer heads warned that this was a step too far even for the four-year-old institution.

However, their wise counsel went unheeded.

This statement seems to be a volte-face on the issue of fan behaviour at the Cup Final.

Sevco Restraint

Some fans have, apparently, been handed life bans by the four-year-old club despite the fact that they have yet to face a court.

It’s all very strange, and I understand that this fact was pointed out in a meeting yesterday by a senior person at Sevco.

However, the people in leadership positions at the four-year-old institution would brook no opposition on the matter.

Therefore the statement was issued.

In the past few weeks, the Sevco High Command have apparently picked a fight with Puma, 32Red and the governing body of the game in Scotland.

It worth remembering that Holding Company Vehicle has been existing since February 2014 on emergency loans and internal share issues.

Because the Engine Room Subsidiary is unlisted, we cannot know for sure how the £5m was paid to Ashley earlier this year.

My guess, and it’s just that, is that it was a loan.

It is not guesswork to state that the £5m could not come from the business, as that makes a loss.

Moreover, we know that they cannot access normal borrowing.

This means that Sevco is a loss making business without a credit line from a bank.

Now that is a factual statement you are unlikely to read in the fanzine tabloids.

Therefore, we are left with the likelihood that Ashley got his money back via a loan from the distressed end of the money markets.

That means that the terms and conditions will almost certainly be onerous.

Of course, these details will matter little to The People.

They turn up to Ibrox and away at grounds where they sing about Fenian blood, so all is well with their world.

Then again they left their abusive opinions on this site in 2010 and 2011 when I promised them financial trouble ahead for the original Rangers.

Well the news for Sevco isn’t great either.

They require millions of pounds in external finance this year to get to the end of the season.

This is a fact that The People would rather not hear, especially from a ‘Fenian.’

Consequently, the heroically anonymous abuse hasn’t stopped, and the objective would appear to silence one of the few journalists who is not in the Lamb queue.

Sadly, The People do not appear to have learned anything from the death of the first club that played at Ibrox.

Perhaps that is what being part of an imagined Herrenvolk does to you.

It would appear that The People are imbued with a culturally learned deference to perceived authority figures.

This is coupled with a visceral hostility to anyone with an Irish name who dares to tell them uncomfortable truths.

I haven’t gone away you know.

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