An unfortunate image

The Sevco sectarian selfie yesterday should be a PR disaster for the four-year-old club.

However, they’re lucky in that they have an obedient media that will keep schtum on the issue.

Last night a BBC journalist was  tweeting  that the Loyalist ensemble had cross-community credentials.

Oh dear…

After the match between Sevco and Linfield, the Shankill Road Defenders flute band had another engagement.

Shankill Selfie 1

They were honouring Brian Robinson.

For the avoidance of doubt, Brian Robinson was a Loyalist murderer who gunned down innocent Catholic Paddy McKenna in 1989.

As UVF man Robinson made his getaway on a motorcycle he was killed by undercover British soldiers.

McKenna’s crime, in the eyes of Robinson and his associate Davy McCullough, was to be a Catholic while breathing.

Like the vast majority of the victims of Loyalist murder gangs during Britain’s dirty war in Ireland Paddy McKenna was entirely innocent.

So, once more, The Shankill Road Defenders honoured the memory of a sectarian murderer hours after posing for this photograph with the Sevco players.


Shankill Selfie 2

Just let that one sink in dear reader.

I understand that the Admirable Warburton was seriously unimpressed when he found out the identity of the marching band.

For the avoidance of doubt he and his players are entirely innocent in this matter.

They were merely posing with the band playing at a testimonial football match.

I am told that late last night there was apparently some frantic calls between Glasgow and Belfast asking some chaps not to post anything embarrassing on social media apropos the after match bash.

I’m told that Mr Blair and Mr Gilligan were the visiting Sevco directors in Belfast yesterday.

At times like this, I really feel for Stewart Robertson.

He’s a decent guy doing his best in very difficult circumstances.

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