The importance of keeping in touch

I am enjoying a much-needed midsummer sojourn in my Father’s town, so please forgive my tardiness.

I really should have published this yesterday, but the craic intervened.

However, I thought it appropriate to bring you up to speed as best I can.

As of Friday last (10/06/2016), I am told that there had been no direct contact between Mr Warburton and the chaps in the Blue Room since the cup final.

That information was current and correct as of late Friday.

What I did learn yesterday was that on the evening of June 8th Mr Warburton’s agent contacted Sevco.

He told them that a journalist from Ireland called Phil had  telephoned his client.

I am told that Mr Paul Murray took this news rather badly as he had thought there was a special connection between the Hair and the Hat.

To be forensically correct I did call Mr Wraburton, but he didn’t answer the phone.

When he saw the missed call from an Irish mobile he called back within a few minutes and we spoke.

The current situation at Sevco is that they are trying to marshal all available resources to bring in Bosmans and loan deals for the coming campaign.

The season ticket monies will fund the operation till around the end of the year then there will be cash flow problems.

I would not be surprised if around November time that there was some fundraising drive aimed at The People.

My information is that the Club 1872 Engine Room Subsidiary thingy has not been the cash cow that the chaps in the Blue Room had hoped it would be.

Perhaps the chaps at Vanguard Bears can advise them on how they have been so successful with their legal fighting fund.

This was, if you remember, set up in the aftermath of the Scottish Cup final.

Some of The People have apparently found themselves the subject of legal proceedings due to their remarkable restraint on the occasion of Sevco’s first ever appearance in the final of the ancient tournament.

Sevco Restraint

If the midsummer madness has temporarily unhinged a stenographer out there then they might want to follow up on these leads:

Speak to Mr George Letham and get his opinion on the current state of his investment in RIFC/TRFC.

Does he want his money back?

Just ask him…

Then they might want to seek out Mr Douglas Park.

A good starting point would be to ask him to how he sees his long-term investment profile in Sevco.

Does he think that his involvement with the Ibrox operation since March 2015 has hurt his overall business?

Well, go on, ask him!

Ah, go on…

If they manage to get through to Mr Warburton, then they might want to ask him about his end of season bonus.

Is he happy with the remuneration on offer?

Is it what he expected?

Was there a crossed wire or two between Murray Park and Johannesburg?

The news that Mr Ian Durant is no longer employed by the Holding Company Vehicle was greeted with some sadness by The People.

Some even opined that Mr Warburton should have communicated this news in person.

Apparently he did not.

Strange that…

Perhaps Mr Warburton is also having the craic.

I hope he is.

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