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My information is that, as of yesterday morning, there had still been no direct contact between the Admirable Warburton and the chaps in the Blue Room since the Cup Final.

For the Record, I do believe that the ex-City trader will return to his desk at Murray Park.

However, this prolonged period without any word from him must be worrying the leading members of the Sevco regime.

In the meantime, Mr Joseph Anthony Barton found that he had been pressed into emergency squirrel duty for Sevco on the continent.

He is already performing at a high Level for the cause.


In fairness, it is the only European work he will be undertaking for his new club in the coming season.

There have been some recent PR efforts to assuage the concerns of The People apropos the situation concerning Mr Warburton.

However, a direct quote from the ex-City trader would help with that.

I hear that the Vanguard Bears ‘Fighting Fund’ (aptly named) is performing well and is perhaps putting the Club 1872 Holding Company Vehicle thingy in the shade.


For seasoned observers of Ibrox financial problems the short existence of “Rangers Match Day Services” is something that should be looked at again.

It is worth remembering that when a football club sells season tickets, it is guaranteeing that those fixtures will be fulfilled.

The pre-Craig Whyte board of Rangers (1872-2012) protected themselves from any future liability on that one.

However, the Suave Billionaire thought that to be an unnecessary procedure.

In the meantime, Celtic are close to selling more season tickets than there are actual seats in Ibrox Stadium.

At Parkhead, a top class manager has inherited a league winning squad and has the full backing of a board that includes a REAL billionaire.

Moreover, one that is now fully engaged in the project thanks to some pyrrhic celebrations at Hampden in the immediate aftermath of Sevco’s finest hour.

If the Admirable Warburton does finally return to his duties, then he cannot complain of having a ‘bloated squad.’

Indeed, he simply doesn’t have enough players to mount any serious challenge whatsoever and, more to the point; he has repeatedly told that to the chaps in the Blue Room.

With that in mind, the stenographers still have to push the narrative that there is about to be a titanic struggle between ‘the big two’.

Oh dear…

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