Private meeting in a public place

I understand that three ex-Rangers players met yesterday in the lobby of the Blythswood Square Hotel.

They appeared to be meeting with some sort of financial adviser chap.

Apparently these Ibrox legends stated to the money man that they had all been contacted by HMRC about their EBT payments relating to their time at Rangers.

My source stated that there appeared to be a bit of tension in the air.

At least one of the trio seemed to be speaking on behalf of several of his ex-Ibrox colleagues on this taxing matter.

The adviser appeared to be explaining how these fine fellows could limit their liability through various means.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m sure that the advice was all perfectly legal and above board.

My source, who was sitting very close to where the meeting was taking place, is known to me as he is related to a good friend of mine.

This was just a spot of luck on my part and it meant that I was getting real-time messages as the conclave was ongoing.

Of course, the identities of the ex-Rangers chaps are known to me and what they said to the adviser chap was very illuminating.

However, let’s spare their blushes at this juncture.

After all, these are private matters.

They were discussing the sort of embarrassing things you wouldn’t want to chat about, say, in a hotel foyer…

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