An unforeseen intervention by a Real Rangers Man

I understand that there have been some feverishly urgent communications organised at Sevco in the past few hours.

Whether or not it is a formal board meeting I am not sure.

However, it has been called at very short notice.

It will almost certainly be by conference call either tonight or early tomorrow morning.

I understand that this is at the behest of Mr Bennett and Mr Parks.

This could indicate that a fissure is appearing in the Blue Room post the AGM debacle over the contentious resolutions.

Any action against RIFC by the regulatory authorities would be slightly embarrassing for Mr David Cunningham King and Mr Paul Murray.

However, it could have serious professional implications for the two directors who have called for this telephonic meeting.

If the Easdale brothers cannot be convinced to pull back from a legal move regarding their AGM votes, then this could be a very serious matter.

In an inspired twist by the scriptwriters, Mr Malcolm Murray could be the moving piece that no one had factored in.

I am told that ‘Malky’ was not lobbied by the New Regime before the AGM.

It would appear, perhaps, that they took his supports for granted given his genuine affection for the club.

What they clearly did not think would happen was the fact that he lobbied against the New Regime in his communications with the remaining Institutional Investors.

It should be placed on the record that Malcolm Murray fronted Charles Green’s IPO in good faith and his good name in the Square Mile counted for a great deal during the RIFC floatation.

Concerning regulatory authorities, General Ashley’s offensive against the current RIFC board has not gone away you know.

He is still pushing for the appropriate bodies to consider that the major players in the March Putsch were a Concert Party.

It really is a jungle out there.

Developing story…

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