Investing in popcorn

I think we might have seen this movie before.

Here we have club at Ibrox shorn of major revenue streams and subsequently does not have enough cash to see out the season.

Excellent sources inform me that as it stands, right now, the New Regime has operating cash until September.

I am told that it takes just under £2m per month to keep the Sevco show on the road and that season ticket numbers at the moment are no more than last year.

The ideal situation for the New Regime, in this corporate clusterfuck, is to get very near to 40,000 in the Big House.

As regular readers here will know if Ibrox attendances hit that number then Charlie and the boys get an extra wee payment out in the Sevco Triangle.

If those impressive numbers do turn up to the Big House then that extra revenue will get the operation until December.

As for re-listing Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) on some exchange then it might be worth noting at the chaps at WH Ireland circulated a missive to every NOMAD in the Square Mile.

In this communiqué they outlines very clearly indeed why they could no longer continue as Nominated Advisor to RIFC.

Of course, the New Regime did promise a new era of fan engagement and general transparency when they took over in March.

To that end I think that The People will be heartened if a new Non-Executive Director (NED) is appointed soon.

I think the Chris Graham situation was handled badly by the RIFC board and that the Holding Company Vehicle should have stood by him, but that’s in the past.

My bet would be on Mr Craig Houston as the new guy in the Blue Room.

The co-founder of ‘Sons of Struth’ has, in my opinion, shown some grace under fire on several occasions during this difficult period for The People.

Moreover, I think he cuts something of a dash and would make an excellent NED at Ibrox.

In this new era of transparency I am sure that The People would like to be made fully aware of the remuneration and expense account of Mr Paul Murray.

The RIFC accounts, due on September 1st I believe, should make for interesting reading.

Although this sounds all a bit of a mess I am sure that the Scottish Football Association will be fully aware of the situation at Ibrox.

Of course all of Planet Fitba was highly impressed with how the chaps at Hampden handled the last insolvency at Ibrox.

Although this is a re-make of an old favourite there are some differences in the plotline.

When Craig Whyte was the man at Rangers in 2011 at this stage he had much more money in the bank and all of the merchandising and advertising revenue.

It was only failure to get past Malmo then Maribor that done for the Suave Billionaire from Motherwell.

As for Sevco it was the lads in Claret and Amber who cut off a crucial revenue stream to them on the 31st May.

It is little wonder that I punched the air just after Cammy bell did the exact same thing at Fir Park.

The ‘Austerity or Insolvency’ dilemma seems to be a constant for clubs that play their football at Ibrox.

I do not give financial advice on stocks and shares dear reader.

However, the shrewd investor might want to look into popcorn futures.




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