Amicable discussions and plausible deniability

I would fear for anyone who has bought the line today that recent discussions between Big Mike and the New Regime at Sevco were “amicable”.

There was a meeting at the Shirebrook HQ of Sports Direct.

The meeting was controlled by Justin Barnes, an important chap in General Ashley’s command staff.

He was flanked by several colleagues, and they listened to what the Sevco delegation had to say.

Interim Chairman Paul Murray was accompanied by Mr John Gilligan.

Big Mike was in the room as well, but only for around ten seconds.

He said one word “…hello…” and then left it to Justin to get on with it.

I understand Paul Murray asked for ‘more time to unravel the situation’ at Sevco.

Sources tell me that the Sevco delegation also asked for additional finance from the Sports Direct people.

I am told that people close to the meeting were ‘stunned’ at the frothy coverage in the Scottish media apropos this conclave in Mansfield.

A source stated to me that this lamb fuelled nonsense could rebound on the RIFC chaps.

Far from being amicable the mood of the meeting was characterised to me as ‘frosty’.

After Mr Murray had finished his pitch, there was no immediate response from Justin and the Sports Direct chaps.

And now a small note on the gentle art of back channels and plausible deniability:

Anyone who believes that someone at the very highest level in UEFA does not have a copy of the ‘Resolution 12 letter’ currently with the Scottish Football Association is touchingly naïve.

In fact, their naïveté quotient is off the radar.

Developing story…

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