Ashley Price

Every billionaire has his price.

Well today I learned that Big Mike’s might be in the region of £27m.

That dear reader is what it will take it for Ashley to do walking away.

Moreover I understand that His Glibness is well aware of this number.

For that eight figure sum the club (and the company) would be free of all of the Onerous Contracts that Ashley is a beneficiary of as well as the January loan.

In other news, sources tell me that a complaint has been submitted to the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) apropos the conduct of Mr King’s regime, with particular regard to the treatment of Mr Derek Llambias and Mr Barry Leach.

A source in the accountancy world also informed me today that the black holes discovered in the RIFC accounts  by the new regime are much bigger that they had originally envisaged.

Meanwhile the Blue Room chaps continue their, so far fruitless, quest for alternative sources of finance.

It is all starting to look rather haphazard in the dignified corner.

Indeed I would not be surprised if  Big Mike made a move in the coming period.

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