The creative genius behind Sevco

Creative writing is an utterly solitary experience.

Moreover you have no idea if the work will fly until it goes live.

For a stage play that requires the affirmation of a sentient organism called an audience.

Last night I paced up and down the foyer as “Hame” had its opening night.

The director said that the ovation was as long and heartfelt as he had experienced.

“Hame” runs at the Shed until Saturday as part of the Glasgow Saint Patrick’s Festival.

For the avoidance of doubt this piece is not a ‘plug’, the show is utterly sold out as it has been for a few days before the opening night.

The theatre folk are delighted as am I about that important commercial reality.

Creating believable characters and placing them in an engaging story line is not easy.

If you do not believe me then you are free to try it yourself.

Therefore when I see top quality writing I am often in awe.

The script writing team at the Sevco series continues to wow us with their inventiveness.

For example the new cast of characters within the Blue Room gives the Ibrox franchise a whole new sale and leaseback of life.

A journalist buddy emailed me last night apropos these developments and said:

“This is just a dripping roast for you”.

I couldn’t really contest the veracity of his assertion.

As I have written here on more than one occasion, there is a rich vein of genuine stories to be excavated at Ibrox, but obedient stenography leads to a quieter life.

Of course the Fourth Estate should serve the Public Interest and unearth what the powerful want covered up.

However there is a complicating factor at Ibrox and it is that The People are happy to be fed a feel-good fairy story rather than the inconvenient truth.

That is why the events of February 2012 came as such a shock to many of them.

At the moment The People are almost like a joyous lynch mob.

They think that it is all over and that the Real Rangers Men will make all the bad stuff go away.

In years to come business students may examine how ‘Rangersness’ can generate positive cash flow through an elusive commodity called ‘dignity’.

This rare element can apparently make Onerous Contracts disappear in the Sevco Triangle

I enjoy writing for the stage and it is heartening to hear the crowd cheer the final curtain.

However I know that I couldn’t come with anything as intricately bizarre as the Sevco series.

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