The kindness of Rangers

It is always good to give to worthy causes.

The chaps who have recently bought shares in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) over the last week have made good some of the losses of Laxey Partners and the institutional investors who sold up.

I am sure these hedge fund folk are very grateful.

Anyone who wishes to take control of RIFC and run it will find their lives revolving around making regular donations to Big Mike, Charles of Normandy and some shy offshore chaps.

Of course The People think that Dave King will be a sugar daddy, but these monarchy fixated chaps would really love a Lord in the Blue Room.

However Lord Sugar won’t be their guy.

The star of ‘the apprentice’ was asked by some fellow n Twitter if he would like to invest in ‘Rangers’.

His answer was unequivocal:

“‏@Lord_Sugar @meiklerfc RT: fancy investing in Rangers big man?……simply answer NO”.

Now here IS money to be made from the current Ibrox entity, but only if you are one of the beneficiaries of an Onerous Contract.

If there are other emotional types who wish to keep it breathing then that’s even better.

Indeed, it can be all Brogues, Poppies and Loving Cups in the Blue Room for all these guys care.

For them it is a dripping roast for as long as RIFC is alive and the contracts are in place.

Removing those legally binding agreements will be costly, difficult and time consuming.

The stenographers mistakenly believe (gasp) that this about controlling a football club at Ibrox called Rangers.

I doubt if Big Mike has ever set foot in the place and if he has it meant nothing to him.

As long as he controls the advertising space and the retail side of things then he’ll be happy with whoever is sitting in the director’s box at Ibrox.

Particularly the retail deal, that’s really his thing.

Unless it was a small emotional donation then anyone who bought RIFC shares at the Initial Public Offering in 2012 made a huge error and most of them of them know that now.

If they do not then they are too stupid to be in business.

Similarly the people now buying RIFC shares, despite their background in business, are emotionally driven to purchase them.

That’s their problem right there because they’re up against a guy who does not like to lose and doesn’t care a thing about the Ibrox culture.

One of the stranger things in this series of the saga is the fact the biggest shareholder in RIFC now  is the very chap who had been telling people not to do business with them in the normal fashion.

The season ticket fund last spring, although it was a flop in itself, probably contributed to the fall off in sales.

Then there is the on field shambles.

The Fitba experts I speak to all cast doubt on this current Sevco squad making it out of the championship.

If that is true then even more cost cutting will be required next season.

Unfortunately many of The People want a front loaded war chest dragged up the Marble Staircase.

Indeed some of them are already indulging in message board discussions about what star player will be first on the Dave King shopping list.

At the moment they have hope.

However The People now have a billionaire with wealth off the radar as their sworn enemy.

That’s a nice twist by the scriptwriters there.

However they have opened the door to a better future for The People in the next series.

That’s very charitable of them.



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