The liquidation game

We have, of course, been here before.

Mr Bomber exhorted The People to “starve them out” in the summer of 2012.

For a while it looked as if they were obeying, but Super Ally stepped in and saved the day for Charlie and the boys.

The King across the water has launched another salvo.

For The People this must seem like death by press release.

There is no doubt that if his “not a penny more” clarion call is obeyed then there will be an insolvency set at RIFC/TRFC.

And by that I do not mean the nice controlled in out administration that laxey Partners wanted at the start of this year.

By that I mean liquidation.

Although I know of the society which I write about the following is merely speculative on my part.

Let’s us say that because the woodworm of Onerous Contracts and Contingent Liabilities over the main assets and a boycott by the fans heeding Mr King that that Mike Ashley does walking away.

What would happen then?

Third Rangers?

Given that the Holding Company trick worked once I do not see why it cannot work again.

In the aftermath of the Independence Referendum there was a party held in a sumptuous Square Mile watering hole.

A source that attended this soiree told me that also attending this happy unionist event was ex-RIFC Chairman Malcolm Murray and Paul Murray.

As the evening wore on Malky appeared tired and emotional, perhaps overjoyed that the United Kingdom had been saved.

My source was in the room and very close to the first Chairman of Rangers International Football Club as he spoke.

What he said was important enough for me to put the following question into the Scottish Football Association:

Is the Scottish Football Association aware that an ex-chairman of Rangers International Football Club has been making claims in London that “conversations have been had with the ruling bodies in Scotland” apropos the establishment of a new club with cultural connections to the Rangers Football Club (1872-2012)? 

Have there indeed been any discussions, formal or informal, between the SFA and any group or individual who wish to establish a new Rangers Football club?

Moreover are you aware that this ex-RIFC chairman has stated that this new entity would be allowed to play at the national stadium?

Can you confirm or deny this matter?

In fairness the SFA press officer was clearly astounded by my interrogative.

However my source was in the room and very close proximity to Malky as he held court.

Therefore I was happy that these words had been said, although perhaps uttered in jest at the end of a long day.

I left it at that as the SFA chap said he would go away and check.

For the avoidance of doubt I have always found the SFA Press Office to be polite,prompt and helpful and that goes back to the days of the ‘Dallas email’ story

However then there was the entirely coincidental event of Mr Donald Findlay QC going public on his views on the validity of Sevco.

He made it quite clear that the current “entity” was no the Rangers that he had been associated with.

Given that Mr Findlay is a QC then the English Language is a precision instrument for him.

I believe that he chose his words with great care and for maximum impact.

Let us speculate.

In the unlikely case of insolvency event at Ibrox this season and there is no way to achieve a CVA then liquidation is the only route.

Could there be another vehicle to harbour and nourish ‘Rangersness’?

A ‘Third Rangers’ would require the people who administer the national game to transfer the membership of the liquidated Sevco to the new Holding Club.

This has happened once so the precedent has been set.

If there was a squabble over the ownership of the stadium then, of course, NewNewCo could play at Hampden for a year.

Of course this is exactly what Mr Malcolm Murray stated to those who would listen to him at this Square Mile piss up.

Perhaps the ex-RIFC Chairman was only indulging in some jovial theorising.

However I have yet to receive a formal denial from the Scottish Football Association.

I submitted my questions on October 6th.

In the meantime it seems clear that RIFC Chairman David Somers called it correctly when David Cunningham King turned up in April without a pen.

He is playing the Liquidation Game.

That way he gets the stadium and, of course, the world famous Albion Car park.

With those two assets and an understanding administrative body he gets to pretend at being Rangers.

In reality it is the only play that makes sense.

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