Here is the news

I am aware that there has been much Pishful Thinking among the succulent stenographers recently.

Of course dear reader they’re a centre of excellence in matters pish especially when the Big House is involved.

However, here IS the news.

For the avoidance of doubt here has been no contact between Mr David Cunningham King and Rangers International Football club.

That’s it basically and I refer you to my offering of only yesterday, but now onto more prosaic matters.

Basic payroll WILL be met this month at Sevco.

However paying wages in November will be a challenge and external assistance may well be required.

The reportage in the Daily Radar that Mr Graham Wallace has received a bonus of £160,000 is the usual pish that passes for reporting in Glasgow when Ibrox is involved.

The reality is that £160k has been ring fenced for him.

However Mr Wallace is refusing to take it as he wants what is laid down in his contract.

If he were to accept this lesser sum then this would undermine his claim which is for around £316,000 plus sundry expenses.

Essentially a bonus equivalent of his annual salary net of tax.

However the money just isn’t there to pay him without something else having to be left unpaid.

As of now the company/club/celestial entity requires around £16 Million in additional funds to get to the end of the season.

If only £14 million was forthcoming then it would be a real struggle, but not impossible to continue operating.

£20 million would put them into the comfort zone.

How those funds can be raised in time is another matter entirely.

If you read anything to the contrary in the Daily Radar or any other blatt then file it under “Pish”.

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