Charlie and the badge kissers

The term ‘badge kisser’ entered the footie lexicon quite some time ago.

It was coined because it summed up a common enough cautionary tale:

A mercenary footballer, usually after scoring a goal, reciprocates the adulation of the crowd by kissing the club badge on his shirt.

It is of course nonsense as often the very next day his agent could be on the phone stating that his wonder goal had been seen by the manager of (insert name of bigger club) and he was going to open negotiations for a dream move.

The fans who cheered his goal then feel betrayed, as he is paraded holding the shirt of the new (bigger) club with his name on it, but it isn’t personal, it’s strictly business.

If such a scenario unfolded at Sevco then the chap would be kissing the property of some interesting characters.

So for the avoidance of doubt the Rangers club crests do not wholly belong to the new club.

I understand from well-placed sources that the iconic image of the interwoven letters “RFC” and the five stars is now owned by an offshore entity and has been for some time.

RFC New Crest

I have been told that the three beneficiaries of this ‘Onerous Contract’ are Mr Imran Ahmad, Mr Charles Green and Mr Rafat Rizvi.

Now the situation with the old club crest is slightly more complicated.

RFC Old Crest

Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) DOES own a portion of that.

However they have to share it with Charles of Normandy, Brian Stockbridge and another major shareholder in RIFC.

Of course Charles Green bought the intellectual property of the old club the same day he bought their dubious history.

It is good to know that the former is still safely in his big offshore hands.

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