Chairman of the board

Oh dear…

In the argument over old club/new club there are some things that remain the same.

The way to read statements like this one coming out of Ibrox is to assess what they DON’T say.

To go through these missives is an education in the efficacy of equivocation.

They need parsing, but once you’ve cracked that then there is craic to be had!

The most recent communication is littered with non-denial denials.

However, the first jaw dropping statement is that Mr Somers had not HEARD of Craig Whyte until four weeks ago.

Dear reader, the Motherwell-born billionaire is now famous in British business circles.

Anyone inhabiting Planet Board Room in the UK over the last two years has heard the name of bold Craigy boy come up in conversation.

The administration of Rangers in 2012 went from being a Scottish story to a UK story and beyond.

The HMRC component and the element of test case over Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) made the Ibrox saga a business story right across the United Kingdom.

Yet Mr Somers hadn’t HEARD of Craig Whyte.

Hmmmm, interesting.

Well, Mr Somers is either extremely disconnected from professional football AND the corporate world in the UK, or the first economy measure he has implemented under his chairmanship is with the truth.

I’ll let you decide – I couldn’t possibly comment.

He then fired off a volley at previous members of the board, yet staunchly defended Brian Stockbridge.

The financial director is a director on the board. The last part of his job description is a clue.

Chairman Somers said that RIFC have no intention of selling the stadium, but intentions can change.

He could have said – as the requisitioners have stated – that there is NO chance of such a sale, but he didn’t.

Mr Somers missed the opportunity to put a lot of disturbed minds at rest.

There is a stated intention to improve the communications strategy at Ibrox, yet the same PR firm, Media House, has been in situ for Rangers and Sevco since 2006.

Chairman Somers then stated that all is above board with Jack Irvine’s contract (I’m sure that it is).

That doesn’t sound like any change there then.

The Requisitioners, especially Paul Murray, appear to have unrestricted access to the mainstream media.

Moreover, they get a very warm reception reminiscent of the succulent lamb days when Sir David Murray wowed the hacks with tales of casinos and hovering pitches.

No matter what the outcome of the AGM on the 19th of this month the issues remain the same for RIFC and their loss making subsidiary Sevco Scotland Limited.

(1)    They find a Sugar Daddy (unlikely).

(2)    They cut costs massively that resemble administration (painful).

(3)    They go under (hilarious).

Anyone who has their emotional wellbeing thirled to the Ibrox brand should be very afraid about the coming months.

The Requisitioners are an interesting bunch.

They want to take over a publicly listed company not through buying shares to secure a controlling stake, but by throwing a hissy fit in public.

Not so much ‘loadsamoney’, rather more Kevin the teenager.

At the recent laugh-in about child abuse, the Requisitioners stated their case to an assembled throng of dignified chaps.

What was not picked up on by the mainstream media was the statement by Jim McColl.

He effectively stated that he was taking a step back from the project to gain control of RIFC as he was a “fund manager” and people relied on him to manage their money.

A reasonable question to put to him would have been to ask why he wasn’t advising RIFC/Sevco as a shrewd investment.

The likely answer, dear reader, is because he knows that the current clumpany is doomed.

Moreover, the only sane business plan is to pick up the main asset in a liquidation sale and run another team pretending to be Rangers with the approval of the SFA.

Actually, the last part of the plan shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course the ownership of Ibrox stadium could be under legal challenge in the New Year if Craigy boy and his playmates can raise the cash for a court room battle.

The wider cultural significance of this very public humiliation of all things Ibrox is that what Rangers Football Club once represented is quite clearly dead.

The certainties of the early 1950s when the majority of Scottish MPs were ‘Unionist’, that’s what Conservatives were called then, the Lodge was where important matters were decided by men and Timmy knew his place in the scheme of things.

The native bourgeoisie from that time was largely eradicated by Thatcherism in the 1980s.

Harry Enfield’s wide boy character with the wad of cash couldn’t give a shit about Canadian soldiers or Poppies.

When David Murray’s ‘loadsamoney’ braggadocio was finally found out Scotland’s establishment club was easy prey to a chap like Craig Whyte.

While the mainstream was gushing off the radar about Craigy boy, I just saw a Harry Enfield character ascending the Magic Staircase.

Even President Conflicted and the chaps on the sixth floor at Hampden will not prevent this train wreck in 2014.

Once more for the hard of thinking:

The outcome of the AGM on the 19th is largely irrelevant because the same challenges remain for whatever regime is successful in getting their feet under the table.

Austerity or insolvency those are the choices and David Somers will know that.

If you don’t believe me then just read his letter.


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