Somer right and Somer are very wrong

Talk about a pregnant pause….but didn’t BBC Scotland not blurb that award-winning journalist Keith Jackson,  Tom English and Graham Spiers would be discussing all things Sevco on Saturday? 

Then nothing; just the sound of mundane gibberish, where I have to say Jackson excels.

Why the Sevco silence?

Could it be that the new Rangers Chairman David Somers believes that his business integrity will not be impugned by shoddy journalism and sloppy stories from the Daily Record?

I believe that Mr. Somers’ legal representative Marcus Rutherford, quite a big hitter in the London legal circles, had legal warnings served on The Record’s Editor in Chief Allan Rennie and others at Trinity Mirror over a slapdash story suggesting Mr. Somers had business links with Charles Green and Craig Whyte.

The Daily Record will not get out of this. Expect an apology within the next few days and perhaps a large sum to a charity.

However, after the Record’s slipshod story about Dave King being accepted as a fine upstanding person by the Stock Exchange, that they had to change after I highlighted that it was wrong, we have yet another case of slack journalism.

How long can Rennie and Jackson be allowed to peddle this nonsense?

Shoddy, slapdash, sloppy, slipshod, slack…

The Daily Record.

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