The tribulations of a tribute act

It is almost as if the last year had not happened.

Twelve months ago the dark clouds were parked over Ibrox like some malevolent mother ship.

Only two weeks ago the valued customers of the Sevco franchise could have been forgiven for thinking that the worst was over.

Well actually it isn’t.

At the top of the marble staircase there is discord and disharmony among people who claim to believe in brotherly love.

The fratricide inside means that various factions are briefing against each other and that must be a nightmare for any rookie PR, especially one that doesn’t think he’s a beginner.

Whyte breaking cover has authorised the mainstream to go after Charles Green.

The suave billionaire tried to disrupt the Sevco narrative last October, but largely failed.

By December he was in discussion with a colleague and Whyte said that he had enough material to bring the entire edifice crashing down.

On the basis of what I know on an Off The Record basis I do not believe that to be an empty threat.

It was clear to me then that Whyte was on a revenge mission and he was after people that he thought he had an agreement with.

My understanding, from an excellent source, is that it would be less time consuming to compile a list of people that he doesn’t have on tape.

This isn’t the end of the audio clips, this is just the beginning.

What I find mildly amusing is that people in Planet Fitba have been wowed at interviews that are no more than competent.

However, when the interviewee is in the big seat at Ibrox then it does make for fine television.

Charles Green probably believed three things when he agreed to front the Sevco consortium.

(1)    That the new club would play in the SPL.

(2)    He would have a compliant media begging at his table for scraps.

(3)    The old club’s customer base was desperate to believe that nothing had changed and that the liquidation of Rangers didn’t mean that their club died.

Thanks to the Scottish Spring last year the plan to parachute Sevco into the SPL was foiled.

That started the financial problems for the new club and anyone with any critical faculties would see that there was trouble ahead.

Charles revelled in being in a media village where he could say almost anything and get away with it.

Even when he was pulled up it was just put down to Charlie being a bit of a wag, colourful and good copy.

The compliant media were still largely onside and they played their role in soothing The People that all was well.

It wasn’t.

The Sevco plan was always about the share issue and the mainstream media in Glasgow should have hunted the story down and not politely queued for press releases.

Now suddenly the mainstream media are after Charles Green and, finally, we have the spectacle of an Ibrox regime being subjected to basic journalistic scrutiny.

The succulent lamb boys should have been all over the share issue story.

They should have asked Charlie to show them the money.

Now the penny is dropping.

Just in the last week I have been receiving ‘chatter’ that the cash flow crisis at Sevco is accelerating.

I am hearing that contractors are experiencing difficulty in being paid for work that has already been carried out.

When I read that sentence I feel I’m in the same place as I was in late 2011.

I knew that Rangers were in dire financial trouble, I had fragments of evidence, but I didn’t have the whole picture and I didn’t claim to.

However, I knew that Rangers (1872-2012) could not escape an insolvency event regardless of the Big Tax Case result.

What we do know is that Sevco are currently burning over a £1,000,000 per month and they have no credit line from a bank.

Several senior staff , including a physio, have been let go in the last two weeks.

If there isn’t a financial crisis at Ibrox then it certainly looks like one.

Many of the lines in this story lead back to the stadium that John Brown played for.

Their assets could be about to be the subject of a legal wrangle over ownership.

I also understand that the police may be asked to investigate the asset sale from Rangers (1872-2012) to Sevco last year.

Apart from playing in the SPL and having a docile media to do his bidding Charlie had one other asset for his cunning plan and that was the uncomprehendingly loyal customer base.

Desperate to cling to the fiction that Rangers did not die then they could be more easily duped than poor unsuspecting Sir David Murray by that dastardly Craig Whyte.

There is no good news to come out of Ibrox in the coming period.

Sevco’s financials are a mess and are unlikely to improve.

Last year did happen and Rangers died.

The loyal support turned up to the old venue to re-live old times.

However, now that the tribute act has stumbled on stage many of the audience, who desperately wanted to pretend that they were watching the real thing, may want their money back.

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