SPL fixtures

Can this entire Rangers circus get any more ridiculous?

I was speaking to a senior person in football administration this morning and he pointed out something very important to me.

One of the more baffling things about the Rangers saga he said was the recent decision by the SPL clubs to grant an adjournment on the NewCo decision until the end of the month.

Of course this had been requested by Duff & Phelps to allow, ahem, Bill Miller to get his feet under the table at Ibrox.

My source stated that this decision by the clubs not to make a call on NewCo Rangers effectively left no time to organise next season.

He explained to me that the SPL fixture list is created by a Canadian company.

They need the names of the 12 lucky winners on June 1st.

They feed the clubs into a very clever computer.

Neil Doncaster’s number two Ian Blair then receives a draft fixture list about a week later.

He then has to get to work on it.

Blair made approximately 120 changes to the original one last year.

The card is usually finalised around 15th/16th June and the clubs receive them a couple of days later.

Incidentally I do know the identity of the Canadian company, but I don’t want them getting the Bill Miller treatment.

What my senior football administration person pointed out is that with the SPL decision put back means that there is no time left to decide on a NewCo Rangers in the league.

He could not see the sense in the SPL clubs agreeing to this delay.

However, he could confirm to me that several of those attending Hampden on Monday complimented the quality of the pate at lunch.

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