The quiet man…Take two?

I love the movies.

One of my favourites  is “the quiet man” , a John Ford classic film of the early fifties starred John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Victor McLaglen and Barry Fitzgerald.

It was a magical piece of escapism that told the story of a rich American Sean Thornton who came across the ocean with a fistful of dollars to spend.

It is a comedy drama, love story with an epic fight that seems to cross three counties and lasts for hours.

What a pity the sequel has been scrapped.

The main roles had been cast with Bill Miller playing the John Wayne role, his beauty queen partner Becky Willard to play the role of Maureen O’Hara.

Why the sudden change of mind?

As the tumbleweed blew through the sleepy town of Ooltewah a young hotshot rode into town. Mark McGivern was fast with his laptop and caused quite a stir as he exposed, yes, perhaps that is the right phrase, details after detail about former Miss Georgia Peach. Then the Daily Record’s Hotshot McGivern ambled up to ol’ man Miller’s factory and upset the local cowboys to such an extent that the local Boss Hogg called on the sheriff.

Those close to the deal saw red; in fact they saw red white and blue. The one thing Miller hadn’t signed up for was the exposure the microscopic analysis of his affairs, including his one with Georgia Peach’s finest.

There is a certain irony that Scotland’s finest who had ensured David Murray and Rangers flourish for around two decades might have been one of the main reasons that the Bill Miller did indeed ‘truck off.”

What now?

Probably we can expect more spin, more Blue Knights and more Brian Kennedy.

Stand by for more bidders to appear on the horizon only to disappear before our very eyes like a blue mirage.

The Quiet Man2 would have been great, but all we are left with now is Apocalypse Now!

The horror, the horror…

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