The new BBC.

We truly live in strange times on Planet Fitba.

I awoke recently to a fine crisp Donegal morning with the sun streaming in my window across the top of Muckish Mountain welcoming me to a brave new world.

In this new dispensation the BBC comes out of the box with an institutional bias….towards Rangers FC.

I know, I know..

Presumably this is a different BBC that was extant when I had retired to a peaceful sleep the night before?

It must be a new BBC because the old  BBC employed James Traynor and Chick Young.

Listen again to this gloriously public spat on who loved Rangers more.

When there is an institutional bias in an organisation then that is usually manifested in the workforce by an absence of the out group and in the attitudes held my most of the employees, especially in the upper reaches of the organisation.

Earlier this year I bumped into Gordon Smith at the media centre in the AVIVA stadium in Dublin.

We were both there for the Carling Cup and international tournament for football the countries of these islands minus England.

I had a lengthy chat with Gordon on just about everything, but mainly about Scottish football and especially his beloved Rangers.

A few weeks later he was announced as Director of Football at Rangers.

The club he played for, the club he supported as a boy

He was at the AVIVA working as a broadcaster.

For the BBC…

Truly the world changed when I was asleep.

It’s all very confusing.