Women drivers.

Regular visitors here will know that I am sceptical about the Pollyanna reportage of the “Arab Spring”.

I fear that the chaos of toppled regimes will allow Islamists to seize power and impose their grim version of that religion on a frightened populace.However today I hope that there is a spring tide in one Islamic country. Indeed in THE Islamic country.

Today all over Saudi Arabia women will indulge in a coordinated act of mass law-breaking.

They will drive cars.

Yes dear reader they will drive cars.


The state has vowed to crack down on this affront to their way of life and they have deployed the religious police.

What type of society, pray tell, has religious police?

The kind of society that has women stoned to death in public and where beheadings in town squares is considered a sign of good governance.

That kind of society…

So Saudi Arabia, “friend of the west” recipient of F15 strike Eagle End User certificates, still forbids women from driving cars.

When President George W Bush scribbled “let freedom reign” on a note passed to him by his National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice about the Iraqi government in 2004 Saudi women would be forgiving for admonishing the Texan as a buffoon.

The driving ban was challenged in similar fashion in 1990, but it petered out.

Hopefully today the walls come tumbling down.