Dignified dining

I’m told that last night, the Transcendental Chairman and dear Philippe attended an entirely convivial bit of din dins.

All was harmonious, which is nice.

However, in an alternative part of the Fitba Multiverse, things were somewhat different.

In that alternative reality, dear Philippe and his faithful sidekick arrived late for the corporate beanfeast.

By that time, the Transcendental Chairman had been upbraided by some angry chaps who put substantial amounts of cash into the 12-year-old club and thought they deserved answers.

One valued member of the prawn sandwich community apparently even proffered his tactical wisdom to the Sevco manager.

The belligerent Belgian snapped back, saying that he didn’t know what he was talking about!

Clement then made the observation that he was working with what he had inherited from Mickey B.

At that point, Philippe’s trusty lieutenant simply got up and Did Walking Away.

His boss followed him shortly afterwards.

Could they be heading for the exit door in the summer?

Obviously, a cup final win on May 25th  will allow some breathing space for the constrained continental.

Moreover, according to my information, the Dalai Lama of the Blue Room will need around £8m to dispense with the services of Clement and his imported entourage.

Anyone who doesn’t think that finance is central to this entire excrement exhibition hasn’t been paying attention.

Consequently, readers should keep an eye out for Captain Concomitant’s name coming up in dignified discussions again.

Across the city, Celtic has to make do with an elite manager and tens of millions in extra revenue from UEFA.

Ah well…

13 thoughts on “Dignified dining”

  1. Liked that wee photie at the end of the piece Phil . A bit prophetic , so it is. As for Phillipe , I don’t think he’s one for putting up with the faecal verbiage being thrown at him by the (hun) intelligencia of the sevco boardroom. If there was a trophy 🏆 for pariahs , they would win it out the park. LET THE ENTERTAINMENT BEGIN! 😎🤔☘️☘️💩

  2. 8 million to see off big phil and his entourage, 9 players out of contract, john Bennett playing at houdini, doesn’t look good probably have to sell butland and beg the Saudis to buy captain tav

    • In the past five years, we have sold two right backs for a combined total of 18.5 million pounds, we’re also about to rake in another 6/7 million in sell on fees for one of those same players, during that same time frame, they haven’t recieved one offer for their right back, captain, penalty taker extraordinaire, and serial loser, really can’t see the saudis paying decent money for tavpen tbh

  3. I wonder if there was a half time spat between the manager and Souttar.

    I am sure the commentary team suggested the big CB was NOT injured prior to the second half Kick off yet the manager at the end said he was injured. Maybe the manager injured the big guy with some choice comments. With Goldson also out could be an interesting Tuesday night.

  4. Getting automatic entry to the revamped CL group stage next season, is a cash windfall that couldn’t even have been in wildest dreams, of ANY Scottish club, even a few seasons ago. However, unless this is to be no more than a one off cash grab, a lot of that money MUST be invested on the park, and not shelled out to the preferential share holders.

    In Scotland, we are are a big fish in a very small pond, and that might satisfy the Board.

    It does not, and never will, satisfy the vast majority of fans. The fans DON’T have unrealistic expectations. They don’t expect us to go out and leather the, Real’s, Barca’s, Milan’s and Bayern’s of this world, but they also don’t expect us to accept five, six, and seven goal humpings. If we want to be taken seriously by ANYONE outside of Scotland, or if we want to make it into this new CL format on any kind of regular basis, we will not do it by signing only project players. I’m not suggesting that we should entirely abandon the project player policy, but splash out a bit occasionally on some ready made experienced quality. That should actually help the project players to develop.

  5. Maybe you’re counting chickens, but on this occasion I believe it’s as safe a time as any to count chickens.

    • Any idea what the consequence of no CL cash will be to the basket of assets case? I know they could still sneak in via two play off rounds but I don’t fancy a side who get stuffed by Ross County and Motherwell and can’t even manage a Tavpen at Dens.

  6. Once again the board at Ibrox are playing Russian roulette at the Champions League poker table , it’s almost like the good old days of Malmo and Maribor. If there was an “excrement exhibition ” cup they’d be odds on favourite

  7. Another lesson from Brendan to Mr Dignified in how to Act like a Winner. Thank you Celtic now finish off the job in Style and have plenty of Fun on the 25th at Hampden. Make it a day to remember the immortal Jock Stein and the Lisbon Lions and bring the Scottish Cup home to Celtic Park.


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