A deadly insecurity

The death of someone building a Loyalist bonfire in Six Counties was tragically inevitable.

Mr John Steele died after falling from the Antiville bonfire.

Many outsiders warned that such a fatality was only a matter of time.

It says much about a community when health and safety regulations are seen as some deep state plot against their culture.

As I have written here before, there does seem to be a correlation between the height of these structures and Loyalist psychological insecurity.

Like the neglected child wanting to be noticed by an emotionally distant parent, these bonfires assume a greater place in this desperately needy subculture.

The burning of these seasonally erected structures is an important part of their professed Britishness.

Yet the people who rule them from Westminster know little of that community and, truth be told, care even less.

I’m told that a jolly time is had by all as the flame catches hold and they dance the night away.

Of course, this Sevco inferno is about who they are not,  rather than who they are.

It should not be a matter of debate that these bonfires are clearly a hazardous building project as they get ever higher.

In the UK, there ARE laws about working at heights.

However, the hate pyres have been something of a No Go area for the authorities over the years.

Apparently, they are “cultural expression zones,” meaning that the normal common sense ordinances do not apply.

For the uninitiated, KAT stands for Kill All Taigs.

Cultural expression zone?

This was one of the touching tributes to Mr Steele.

Even if the bonfire is built without any mishap, then the conflagration itself is an environmental hazard.

This is from 2015.

Yet still, there has been no concerted action by the authorities.

This was all tragically avoidable.

Hopefully, it is a teachable moment.

My thoughts are with Mr Steele’s family at this difficult time.

4 thoughts on “A deadly insecurity”

  1. It beggers belief in 2022 this is still part of society in that part of the UK
    And sad that someone has lost their life ,
    It is obvious that Health and Safety regulations have been totally ignored all because it’s their culture to build these pires of hate
    Make no mistake those behind those bonfires and parades of hate would happily watch catholics burn on those bonfires .
    Such is their in born hatred
    Sadly large parts of Scotland to suffer at this time of year as many communities have these parades of hate swarm past there doorsteps
    It’s to Scotlands eternal shame we allow this in 2022.
    Sadly it is indoctrinated into the young too it is a never ending cycle sad to say

  2. This is not, I freely admit, a very Christian attitude. While I have sympathy for his wife and any children who will grow up without a father, I find it impossible to have any sympathy for anyone injured, maimed or killed, through their own sheer stupidity and bravado just to take part in what is no more, or less, than than a hatefest.

    Turning the other cheek has never been a strong point of mine.

  3. There’s something unhinged about ‘Loyalism’ in the occupied counties. Their contibution to innovation is collecting thousands of wooden pallets, destroying the environment, and scaring the hell out of their own neighbours. Building bonfires is usually for juveniles (who’ve got nothing else to occupy them). For participating middle-aged guys it’s a psychological issue. You can only guess what the civilised world thinks about this freak show.

    1. That term, “Loyalism”, has always been a problem for me personally. I can NEVER work out who or what exactly they’re loyal to. Is it the British crown, the Dutch crown or some deep philosophical theory that has completely escaped me over the years.

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