Rome is where the heart is

Dear reader, if schadenfreude were just mildly unhealthy, then I would be a corpse by now.

I did not realise how much I was horrified at the prospect of England actually winning something until they lost last night.

With the danger averted, I could relax.

However, it was only then that I fully took on board how much it had gotten to me.

For the avoidance of doubt, I hold no animus to the young English footballers who did their best against the Italians.

However, I cannot ignore the fact that English football has been militarized and politicised for generations.

For example, this piece referred to Gareth Southgate’s grandad in the Royal Marines in World War Two.

Was this relevant to a football match?

Well, apparently so in Ingerlund 2021.

So I  waited in the long grass until they choked in the final.

Then there are the fans.

Last night London had scenes that were redolent of Sevco’s dignified clientele.

The similarities between this lot and the Ibrox klanbase are too many to mention.

However, here’s a hint.

The Italians had not been even presented with the trophy before the racist recriminations began among the Ingerlund support.

This statement from the Football Association was swift and unequivocal.

Throughout the tournament, there had been the undeniable sound of dog whistles emanating from Westminster about the England players taking a knee.


I believe that this had the effect of authorising the many racists in the Ingerlund support.

As I stated previously, I have no issue with these lads.

However,  between the English media and the Ingerlund support, I don’t want them to win anything.

The “coming home” thing itself reeked of proprietorial presumption.

Moreover, it had some pitiful cheerleaders in the northeast of this country.

The arrogance of a country that had never contested a European final, let alone won it, is a sight to behold.

Thirty years of hurt.

Try eight hundred.

In the semi-final, the laser pointer was added to the inventory of Perfidious Albion.

Consequently, you can view the penalty shootout last night as karmic justice for the Danes.

I certainly do.

After the semi-final win against Denmark, the English media also coined a new euphemism for cheating:


In the final itself, after a dream start, England retreated as the superior Italians dominated the play.

The Azzurri were a combination of silk and steel, and they are deservedly the kings of Europe.

In the end, it came down to heart and the Italians had it in abundance.

However, in a parallel universe, England won last night.

Perhaps in that dimension, they are not imbued with Herrenvolk presumptuousness.


Thankfully in this part of the footie multiverse, we were spared the appalling vistas of an Ingerlund victory.

So grazie molto to our gallant allies in Europe.

11 thoughts on “Rome is where the heart is”

  1. Just as a matter of clarity, could someone explain what it is exactly that was supposedly coming home? The English did not invent football and have never won the European trophy so I don’t get this nonsense at all.

    1. Reality was coming home as delusion and hype sneaked oot the back door with their best pal arrogance.

      Oh how we laughed as every household around us went into self imposed lockdown all this week.

      Oh dear,how sad,never mind … 🤡 👞’s

  2. Eng-uugh-land expected. But just happened to face their only decent opposition in the tournament. Additionally all but one of their games taking place at Wembley. Everything on a plate and still unable to get over the line. In truth, sheer hypocrisy also from English black players. Each time they bawl out ‘Gawd Save The Queen’ for example. A racist/imperialist anthem filled with puerile jingoism.

  3. It was apparent most of the diehard bigots of DerHun would be cheering on Engerland. Some of the post of them there Rangers fans, on social media were beyond belief. How can you support Italy when they were with the Germans during the war, seriously had to read it twice. They are left footers that don’t support England. Most likely Papes.

    Seriously they started posting anti Scotland drivile, and it continues with the Marching season and bonfire nights with the Pope getting it at ever turn.

    Bands and mass attendance of marching against what they voted for.

    Its pretty sad to say the least.

    As stated, before I don’t hold any ill will towards the England team and to be honest it was pretty sad to see young men put under the cosh because of ther colour on social media, where the English FA had to release a statment with requards to it.

    In 2021 we should be moving forward together, but the under lying hatred still burns strong in some.

    Tough times ahead

  4. Must admit that, for all the right reasons, I wanted England to win last night. Southgate is a decent human being and is sticking his neck out for an honourable cause. The black players had so much courage to take the pens ‘cos they knew exactly what would happen if they missed or had it saved. Still going to give their money to the NHS (yes, I know it shouldn’t be a charity and that managers will probably find a way to snaffle the majority of it).They are trying to achieve something more than win a tournament. Rashford has been feeding England’s school kids and doing the Opposition’s job for them. An England win would have been a small price to pay.

    1. Dry your eyes and don’t hide behind a lot of sobbing heart tugging garbage, your team lost and the rabble turned on the young boys, because they are bigots.Plain and simple.

  5. Not so Pretty Priti Patel, she should choose her words with more care, what with Johnson’s comments too, the racist and ignorant ingerland supporters took those comments and thought… GREEN LIGHT to damage and destroy.

    Did anyone honestly expect anything different?

  6. Possibly the biggest sense of relief I’ve ever felt in my life!

    I sort of felt bad about not wanting them to win (because Kane et al seem like decent enough fellas aren’t weren’t too arrogant like the usual Engurland teams (then the diving and fouling started and that sort of passed). But as a Scot of Irish heritage who desires independence I cannot support those that represent our oppressors and the thuggish army of twats that voted for them. Especially whilst we are force-fed their media. If Scotland was free of the union and we had the ability to block the BBC then I’d support them no problem.

    I’m not anti-English, just anti-twat and anti-UK. Like I always say “Brits out of Scotland. English people welcome.”

    1. “I cannot support those that represent our oppressors”, who’s oppressed? Not me, you go on to say your “anti-twat” good god, irony is most definitely lost on you.

    1. Coming home indeed, begs the question where has it been all these years, World Cup, European Championship?
      No one wants to ask the question why has England only contested two finals in total of the above competitions in their history.
      The major recognised football countries in the world, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentina,all have more in their trophy cupboard than England, won or runners up.
      How many of the English team would get a place in a world select?
      Kane might get a place on the bench, end of.
      Oh hang on what about the English Premier League? Players on millions backed to the hilt by Sky Sports.
      Turns out the English ones ain’t half as good as their media would have us believe.
      Lucky to get a draw with Scotland, scraped through against the Danes, OG and questionable penalty, like Scotland with a population of a mere 6 million.
      Not heard a single English pundit question the lack of success over the decades since 1966.
      Even then they had the benefit of playing all their games at home.
      No worries, World Cup qualifying just around the corner. No doubt the same hopeless pundits will be desperately claiming the Euros as a springboard to victory there and hailing the manager as a miracle maker of sort despite the barrowload of talent that they continually tell us is available to him.

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