The prescience game

When Celtic’s high paid  CEO broke cover yesterday, he admitted a red card offence in the first few seconds of the succulent interview.

“Looking back and with hindsight…”

Folk with “CEO” on their office door are not paid for their powers of relaxed reflection.

In a sense, almost anyone can do that.

People in the CEO trade are required to anticipate what might be on the road ahead.

In the film Margin Call, John Tuld is the CEO of an investment bank, played brilliantly by Jeremy Irons, explains why he is ” paid the big bucks…”

Quite simply, the person with the big office is remunerated for their prescience.

Dear reader, no one at Celtic or anywhere else on Planet Fitba is paid more than Mr Lawwell.

He has been in post since 2003, that was before the iPhone and YouTube was part of our world.

The music has stopped at Celtic, and our analogue CEO hasn’t heard the crushing silence on Spotify.

Anyone in the Celtic Family still defending his tenure has to have a look in the mirror.

On a footie analogy, a manager is not paid for his post-match comments.

Instead, he has the job of, quite literally, managing future events.

Conversely, the pundit in the studio can discuss the events that have transpired on the field of play.

Mr Lawwell’s trade is concerned with the future.

The CEO is not a historian.

Today I spoke with a very well-placed source in the Desmond hierarchy.

Usually, in those calls, I do most of the listening.

However, today it was a role reversal.

Quite simply, I stated that, in my opinion, the Celtic CEO had run out of road.

Consequently, the Dubai Debacle should be the final chapter in his 17-year reign as the top man at Parkhead.

He didn’t say anything to that, but I hope that he agrees with me.

I also hope that the person who replaces  Mr Lawwell is not thirled to the Old Firm brand.

Ultimately it was his fatal flaw, and it characterised his reign after Rangers died in 2012.








4 thoughts on “The prescience game”

  1. Anyone who knows me …or has read my posts on here…will know that I called out Mr. Lawwell long before it became fashionable to do so…and recent events have only strengthened my case.
    It goes without say that he has run his race …and should now resign.
    However there is someone as culpable as PL…and that is Dermot Desmond.
    It is perfectly obvious that he only has a cosmetic interest in the Club…and providing the returns are viable each year …then that’s good enough for him.
    Well it shouldn’t be good enough for our support…and we should be clamouring for him to move on as well…With the proviso of course, that his successor is in the Abramovich mould…and not a clone of himself.
    Our Club is in dire straits, on all fronts, and major surgery is vital.

  2. Mr. Desmond only has to look at the Celtic podcasts, and sites like your’s Phil to gauge the true feelings of the family. Big change is needed Now before the start of the new season. HH.

  3. “Looking back and with hindsight…” is tautological evasiveness but his full words are doubly wretched:

    “On reflection, looking back and looking with hindsight and looking at the outcome of the trip”

    Vicky Pollard “Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, no, but…” will need to up her game.

    The interview has been rightly panned on social media for its amateur production values but more especially its wretched content.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for the MSM (see screenshots in and, although most of us here wouldn’t take their opinions seriously, I think this is still a major outlet for a lot of fans Celtic news.

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