Club 1872 and the Castore catastrophe

I recently wrote here the  Castore shitshow hasn’t gone away you know.

Now it would appear that the Churchillian chaps at Club 1872 are starting to get with the programme.

I’ve been told that recently they’ve been asking some very pointed questions apropos the merchandising deal with the enterprising Scousers.

Perhaps it because of these queries that have led to them not being invited to an upcoming conclave on the Castore catastrophe.

The chaps at Club 1872 are clearly unimpressed at this, and you can read their statement here.

However, here it is in full just in case it gets taken down at some point:

Castore Update 8th September 2020

September 8, 2020

As we said in our update on 24th August, Club 1872 submitted detailed questions to both Castore and Rangers over two weeks ago on the ongoing issues encountered by supporters who have ordered merchandise in recent months. 

Our questions focused on the well publicised concerns around the quality of some items, pre-order delivery delays and cancellations, the returns policy and the difference between the Rangers and Castore websites in that regard. We also asked for clarification on the decision to move forward the opening of the Rangers Store by several weeks, despite it appearing that stock levels were not sufficient to complete all pre-orders at that time. 

As things stand, neither Rangers nor Castore have answered our questions. 

We note that Rangers and Castore are holding an event on Wednesday night for a small group of fans selected by the club. Club 1872 have not been invited to the meeting. While this may provide some answers for a very limited number of supporters affected by these issues, we do not believe it is the correct forum to be addressing those issues, nor is it an effective or equitable way to communicate with supporters. Every supporter who has been affected by these issues deserves a clear explanation of what has gone wrong as well as reassurance for the future. 

We reiterate our strong belief that Rangers supporters – including all at Club 1872 – want to support both Castore and Rangers throughout the duration of this long-term retail partnership. To that end, we continue to press both Rangers and Castore for appropriate responses to the questions we have asked on behalf of the support. 

Club 1872


Ever since the Castore merchandise became something to feel rather than fantasise over the spell was broken.

A thread on Follow Follow on the “Pathetic quality” of Castore’s Sevco range now runs to  112 pages.

Moreover, it was created by an administrator on that Quintessentially British message board.

Oh, dear…

The news that Club 1872 had no been invited to the dignified sit down led to an angry response.






For the avoidance of doubt, they do anger very well indeed.

One chap, in particular, seems to have reached a higher level of awareness.

In the meantime, the Sevco High Command has recently been getting back in touch with their well-heeled supporters to see if they could find their way to assisting the basket of assets.

Dear reader, there is very little about the Ibrox shitshow that cannot be explained if you just Follow Follow the money.

Perhaps the chaps at Club 1872 will finally examine why they were set up in the aftermath of the Off Licence Putch in 2015.

Cui bono?

11 thoughts on “Club 1872 and the Castore catastrophe”

  1. What’s the problem with Sevco fans,it’s common knowledge that you buy a named brand, and you get quality.
    Castore are a well known brand in Liverpool ,so no problem.
    Sevco are a well known football team,so buy their stock,everybody/anybody makes money.
    Now if you want to invest SDM will gladly take your money and invest it wisely.
    SDM has a history of using OPM with great success.So there you have it, invest wisely,and success will follow.

  2. There is one person who is doing his best Lord Lucan impersonation during this Castore crisis:

    the expensive, Ibrox Commercial & Marketing Director, James Bisgrove.

    On the face of it, this Castore partnership looks to be very much ‘his’ deal.

    So, you would think Bisgrove would be up front and centre in the SMSM on a regular basis – making reassuring comments to the Ibrox support?

    Unless Bisgrove has been banished to the Hampden bunker – alongside Maxwell? 🙂

  3. Ashley receives a percentage of all items sold by Castore , all items returned due to poor quality are not his problem , one for his lawyers to deal with I suspect.

  4. Suppose it was inevitable?

    After arguing with, being furious with, and blaming everybody else,
    The Rangers club and supporters were destined to fight each other eventually,
    and probably just before the club implodes?

    And those troublesome RIFC accounts are currently subject to audit sign-off – and due to be issued around the end of next month.

    Perhaps The Blue Room occupants are missing King – and his highly creative BS – to help them get past Campbell Dallas? 🙂

  5. The chap with the “Heightened Awareness” levels, ‘Godrup99’ has even mentioned all the culprits (Including Minty) responsible for the death of Rangers*(IL), and the impending doom of Sevco… with one glaring exception. Could a ‘Google-eyed, Glib & Shameless’ chap be the owner of that account?

    1. The total mess of a club is within touching distance of giving our club a run for its money this season.Whilst many will find solace in ordinary punters getting ripped off I can’t help but feel we should be putting a bigger spotlight on Lawwell and the decisions that he has consistently made which has seen us regressing

  6. The following is Castore’s mission statement on their website:

    “Castore is the world’s first premium sportswear brand, for the discerning athlete who values attention to detail & precision performance features.”

    Clearly they don’t consider Rangers fans to be discerning athletes who value attention to detail & precision performance features.
    Consequently, they just mug them off with any old tat!

  7. They would have been glad that Celtic’s exit from the CL turned the spotlight off the Castore shambles.
    However it’s not going away.
    Taking on the predicted volumes would have been difficult enough for a large company with all the required resources but to ramp up from tiny volumes to massive numbers as Castore has was never going to work.
    The flak coming their way may impact badly on their original core business and leave the Scouse brothers wandering why the hell they got involved with the Ibrox outfit in the first place.
    The quality issues alone and returns must be taking a large chunk from the sales revenue and therefore beg the question will Castore retain the financial strength to meet the Rangers end of the deal?

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